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[Mechanical] Poor Fuel Consumption (TDV6)
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Member Since: 05 Dec 2016
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United Kingdom 2006 Discovery 3 TDV6 SE Auto Tonga GreenDiscovery 3

Hi everyone,

Just to let everyone know I've just joined this site after seeing it on the net and checking out some of the posts.

A little bit about myself, I've been the proud owner of Land Rovers since 1996 these have included a Brooklands 3.9 Range Rover which I converted to LPG, a Freelander td4, and a Disco 2 td5. My latest one being a Disco 3 TDV6 which has so far proved to be the most unreliable and costly one I've had the pleasure of owning.

The latest problem I've had has been very poor fuel economy (17.2mpg) and having changed both a faulty MAF sensor and a faulty air temp sensor which were coming up as fault codes with no improvement, decided further investigation was needed.
Took advice from a local LR dealership who I've got to know very well for obvious reasons and checked out the turbo hoses which on inspection were ok, checked a little further and found the problem to be a sticking linkage on the turbo itself, freed this up and what a difference took it down motorway for 30 miles and it returned 30.2 mpg.
I had previously been brimming the tank and took mileage readings so I know the stated previous figure of 17.2mpg is correct, the reading on the clock was registering 17.6 mpg so I know the reading on the clock is fairly accurate. Will now do as before and do another mileage check by brimming the tank, but by looking at the clock I'm expecting the reading to be fairly accurate and will post the result to let you know.
I have also previously blanked the EGR valves off as one of them came up with a fault code. The vehicle had not lost any power and was not kicking out black smoke which made it more difficult to find the cause of the low MPG. Hope this helps out others with the same problem.

I managed to free off the linkage from underneath by use of a long thin bar (just pushed it back and forth) and some spray, it now just moves freely. I also called a local turbo manufacturer and asked if the linkage should be free or have some resistance, they told me there should be no resistance and should just be freely floating when not in use.

Look forward to joining in with your posts

Kind regards
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Post #17444845th Dec 2016 3:08 pm
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Member Since: 03 Apr 2016
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United Kingdom 2006 Discovery 3 TDV6 HSE Lux Auto Santorini BlackDiscovery 3

Can get up to 33 on trip computer steady 65 motorway in our 150,000mile TDV6 HSE Auto.

Average on clock around 24mpg regular driving. I use cruise control whenever possible, more accurate than my light right foot Laughing
Post #17591586th Jan 2017 8:30 pm
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United Kingdom 

I've only had mine a week... but so far have managed up to 33mpg according to the trip computer. I did have a freak 42.1 when I picked the car up and drove it home, I'm not quite sure how, but I haven't been able to repeat it since! Laughing

I find that when you sit around 55-65 on the motorway in full auto mode, sometimes the box doesn't seem to want to shift up to 6th, so you sit there in 5th. MPG goes up almost instantly if you knock the gearbox into 6th, unsurprisingly.

I also found that sitting at 66/67 gives another 2 or 3 mpg vs sitting at 70, which seems odd given you'd think they'd be expecting most people to sit in the 70-80 range and tune the engine to be as efficient as possible there.
Post #181634718th May 2017 1:40 pm
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