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Below is a summary of TSB's It would be great, to add the actual TSB with each listed item, so people can actually read the details, rather than know they exist.

Technical Alerts

TA04 501-LA01 - Second Row Seat Release Strap Anchor Failure
TA04 415-LA01 - Doors Speakers Inoperative
TA04 303-LA01 - Vehicle Preparation Coolant Check
TA04 204-LA01 - Interpreting Air Suspension Messages

100 - General Information

LA100-006 - Sensor Cluster Fault Diagnosis
LA100-005 - Internal Control Module Faults Relating to ABS Module Diagnosis
LA100-004 - CAN Faults Relating to the ABS Module Diagnosis
LA100-003 - Wheel Speed Sensor Concerns Diagnosis
LA100-002 - Lubricant and Fluid Specifications
LA100-001 - Special Tool Connector Repair

204 - Suspension System
LTB00331NAS1 - Air Suspension Compressor and Relay Replacement
LTB00310NAS2 - Air Suspension System - New Height Sensor Availability
LTB00270NAS1 - Suspension System Software Update When Replacing Compressor
LTB00269NAS4 - Air Suspension Compressor Delivery Valve / Drier / Relay Replacement; Software Update
LTB00248NAS1 - Correct Procedure for Ball Joint Splitter Use
LTB00167NAS2 - Stabilizer Bar Bushing Knock Noise
LTB00123NAS4 - Front Suspension 'Knock' Noise While Driving Straight Ahead
LTB00118NASF - Revised Workshop Procedure: Remove / Install Front Lower Suspension Arm
LTB00116NASF - Uneven Tire Wear - Repair Procedure
LTB00091NAS2 - Air Suspension - Calibration Procedure and Labor Time Changes
LTB00038NASF - Air Suspension Operating Problems
LA204-007 - Dynamic Suspension Geometry Setting Mode
LA204-004 - Electronic Air Suspension Diagnostic Trouble Codes
LA204-003 - Air Suspension Height Sensor Connector Overlay Harness
LA204-001 - Air Suspension Connector Water Ingress

205 - Driveline System

LTB00245NAS1 - Revised Front Differential Breather Cap Availability File supplied by

LTB00228NAS2 - Transmission MIL Illuminated with DTC P186D Stored
LTB00178NAS2 - Rear Differential Pinion Oil Seal Availability

206 - Brake System

LTB00354NAS1 - Revised Workshop Procedure: Parking Brake Shoe and Lining Adjustment
LTB00205NAS1 - 'Chirp' or 'Squeal' Noise from Rear Brakes While Slowly Moving Forward and Lightly Braking - Repair Procedure
LTB00189NAS1 - New Workshop Procedure - Remove / Install Parking Brake Actuator
LTB00145NASF - Revised Workshop Procedure - Remove / Install Parking Brake Cables
LTB00079NAS3 - Electronic Parking Brake Screech / Noise from Parking Brake Drum / Shoe Drag – Diagnostic Procedure
LA206-003 - Procedure Time Change to Replace Parking Brake Shoes
LA206-002 - Rear Brake Noise
LA206-001 - Electric Parking Brake Warning Lamp Illumination

211 - Steering System

LTB00401NAS1 - Tire / Wheel Balancing and Optimization
LTB00222NAS1 - Steering Gear Tie Rod / Tie Rod End - Diagnostic Procedure and Required Replacement Parts Information
LTB00154NAS2 - Squeak from Steering Gear
LTB00105NASF - New Workshop Procedure: Steering Gear Removal / Installation
LTB00097NAS3 - Steering Column Knock - Repair Procedure
LA211-001 - Steering Wheel Alignment

303 - Engine System

LTB00392NAS1 - Accessory Drive Belt 'Chirp' / 'Squeal'
LTB00183NAS2 - Aluminum Engine Components Thread Repair
LTB00156NAS1 - Workshop Manual Update - Remove / Install Expansion Tank
LTB00133NASF - Low Engine Coolant Level Switch - Lower Level Service Part Availability
LTB00125NASF - 4.4L V8 'Short' Engine Availability
LTB00119NASF - Revised Workshop Procedure - Remove / Install Engine and Ancillaries
LTB00109NASF - Revised Workshop Procedure: Cooling System Pressure Test
LTB00067NAS4 - 'Chirp' Noise on Engine Cold Start - Repair Procedure
LTB00051NASF - Starter Motor Solenoid Replacement
LTB00013NAS2 - Slow Acceleration from a Standing Start
LTB00010 - Poor Acceleration from 62 to 75 mph (100 to 120 kph) After Cruising
LTB00004NAS3 - Crankshaft Main Bearing Carrier Leak - Repair Procedure
LA303-014 - Discovery 3/LR3 - Evaporative Loss System DTC P0442/55
LA303-013 - Discovery 3/LR3 - Oxygen Sensor DTCs P0170/P0173
LA303-007 - Engine DTC P0171 or P0174
LA303-006 - "Low Coolant Level" Message or Warning Lamp Illuminated
LA303-005 - Diagnostic Trouble Code P0483 with Reduced Engine Performance
LA303-004 - Oxygen Sensor DTC P0133 or P0153
LA303-003 - Oxygen Sensor DTC P0137 or P0157
LA303-002 - Evaporative Loss System DTC P0442 P0455
LA303-001 - Cylinder Head Built To Supercharged Specification

307 - Automatic Transmission System

LTB00172NAS1 - Transmission Input Shaft Seal - Lower Level Service Part Availability and Repair Procedure
LTB00121NASF - Revised Workshop Procedure - Remove / Install Automatic Transmission Valve Body Assembly
LTB00102NASF - Driveline "Clonk" Noise after Throttle Release/Reapply – Repair Procedure
LTB00101NASF - Harsh Transmission Downshift (2nd to 1st) - Repair Procedure
LA307-001 - Gear Selection Difficult or Selection Lever Stiff to Operate

308 - Manual Transmission, Clutch & Transfer Case

310 - Fuel System

LTB00293NAS1 - Fuel Tank Availability / Installation
LA310-001 - Fuel Filler Flap Latch Repair

412 - Climate Control System

LTB00362NAS1 - Air Conditioning Compressor - Lower Level Service Repair
LTB00103NAS3 - 'Squeak' / 'Squeal' Noise After Selecting Recirculation
LA412-002 - Cabin Temperature Lowers Below Setting
LA412-001 - Heating and Ventilation System Performance

413 - Instrument Panel

LTB00159NAS1 - Trip Computer Display Changes from Kilometers to Miles - Repair Procedure
LTB00075NAS3 - Hi-Tone Horn Sound Change - Repair Procedure
LA413-002 - Updating Instrument Cluster Software
LA413-001 - Parking Distance System Intermittent Operation

414 - Charging System

LTB00199NAS1 - Battery Vent Tube Blockage - New Design / Repair Procedure
LA414-001 - Battery Junction Box Connections

415 - Entertainment System

LTB00226NAS1 - Clock 'Loses' Time - Repair Procedure
LTB00184NAS1 - New Workshop Procedure - Remove / Install DVD Autochanger
LTB00182NAS1 - Radio Does Not Operate Properly - Repair Procedure
LTB00179NAS2 - Infotainment System Lock-up - Repair Procedure
LTB00063NASF - Accessory (Rosen System) DVD Diagnostics
LTB00008 - Audio System Amplifier Diagnostic Aid
LRA415-001 - Speaker Vibration or Rattle Noise Diagnosis
LA415-005 - Infotainment 'Temperature' Message(s) Displayed
LA415-004 - CD Error Message During Loading
LA415-003 - "Infotainment" System Diagnosis
LA415-002 - KIT Accessory DVD Poor Sound Quality
LA415-001 - Accessories DVD System Audio Fault

417 - Lighting System

418 - Electrical Distribution/Control

LA418-003NAS2 - Diagnostic Aid for Multiple Diagnostic Trouble Codes
LA418-002 - Recovery from Aborted CJB Software Update
LA418-001 - Front Door Electrical System Malfunctions

419 - Electronic Feature Group

LTB00071NAS3 - 'MIL' Illumination with P-Codes P0170/0173/2097/2099 or P0461
LTB00062NASF - IDS Vehicle Reset Application
LA419-002 - KIT Accessory Phone Module Fault
LA419-001 - Inoperative Navigation System

501 - Body System

LTB00427NAS1 - Front Door Window Regulator 'Rattle' Noise
LTB00417NAS1 - Roof Opening Panel Will Not Open / Close or Open / Close Fully
LTB00397NAS1 - Seat Belt Diagnostics Guide
LTB00360NAS1 - Front Seat Rail - Lower Level Service Repair
LTB00345NAS1 - Headliner Delaminating Around Roof Opening Aperture
LTB00329NAS2 - Heated Rear Screen Heater Element Repair
LTB00328NAS2 - Rear Door Window Regulator - Lower Level Service Repair
LTB00321NAS1 - Restraints Control Module Diagnostic Trouble Codes
LTB00319NAS1 - Exterior A-Pillar Moulding Loose
LTB00314NAS1 - Seat Motor / Drive Cable Availability
LTB00313NAS1 - Ashtray Will Not Close / Ashtray Carrier Availability
LTB00306NAS1 - Water Ingress via A-pillar Exterior Trim
LTB00301NAS2 - Front / Rear Door Window Regulator Diagnostics
LTB00296NAS1 - Upper Glove Compartment Rattle
LTB00284NAS1 - Front Seat Armrest Rattle / Free Play
LTB00282NAS4 - Front / Rear Side Door Latch Diagnostics
LTB00218NAS1 - Water Leak Into Footwell From Roof Opening Panel Drain Tube
LTB00217NAS1 - Passenger Compartment Water Ingress
LTB00207NAS1 - Body-Side Moldings - Installation Procedure
LTB00203NAS1 - Driver Air Bag Module Trim Cover Distorted - Repair Procedure
LTB00191NAS2 - Liftgate Latch Diagnostics
LTB00180NAS1 - Workshop Manual Update - Supplemental Restraint System Power Circuit Discharge
LTB00089NAS2 - Interior Rear View Mirror Mounting Boss – Installation
LTB00085NASF - Windshield Wiper Blades Knocking/Juddering - Diagnostic Procedure
LTB00084NASF - Glass Roof Panel Blind Difficult to Latch - Repair Procedure
LTB00074NASF - Windshield Wiper Blades Noisy, Juddering
LTB00046NASF - Exterior Paint Defect Reporting
LTB00042NAS2 - Automatic Side Mirror Dipping Feature - Repair Procedure
LRA501-002NASF - Windshield Wiper Noise, Judder or Streaking - Cleaning Procedure
LRA501-001 - Windshield Damage Diagnostic Aid
LA501-025 - Washer Reservoir Leak
LA501-024 - Dealer Installed Door Moldings
LA501-023 - Child Lock Cam Service Part Replacement Procedure
LA501-022 - Poor Rear Wiper Performance – Wiper Arm Pivot Seizing
LA501-021 - Restraints Control Module Diagnostic Trouble Codes
LA501-020 - Supplemental Restraint System Overlay Harness
LA501-019 - Front Windshield Wiper Blade Assembly
LA501-018 - Safety Belt Pretensioner Wire Routing
LA501-017 - Windshield Washer Inoperative
LA501-016 - Tailgate Support Mounting
LA501-015 - Exterior Rear View Mirror Glass
LA501-014 - Front Door Exterior Trim Detachment
LA501-012 - Passenger Compartment Water Ingress File supplied by
LA501-011 - Seat Cushion to Backrest Gap
LA501-010 - Removal of Transit Wiper Blades at Vehicle Preparation
LA501-008 - Restraint Control Module Fault Code "B1A00-49"
LA501-007 - Restraint Control Module Fault Codes (B0020/28)
LA501-006 - A-pillar Water Leak File supplied by
LA501-005 - Visibility from Side Mirror
LA501-004 - Hood Adjustment and Alignment
LA501-003 - Tailgate Operation Difficulties
LA501-002 - Second Row Seat Release Fault
LA501-001 - Door Casing Protective Material Removal

502 - Frame and Body Mounting