TDV6 Oil Change

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Tools/Parts Required

  • 13mm spanner or socket
  • 32mm spanner or socket
  • New LR oil filter (paper element)
  • New LR sump plug (only costs £2.39 inc VAT)
  • 5-6 litres oil


  1. Remove the main metal tray beneath the engine bay. This is held in place with ten bolts. A 13mm spanner or socket is needed for this
    This tray can be removed without using ramps, if the suspension is put into off-road mode
  2. Remove the sump plug and catch the oil. A 13mm spanner or socket is needed for this
  3. Remove the plastic cover from the top of the engine. To do this, remove the oil filler cap and then pull the cover upwards. The cover is held in place by four ball lugs near each corner.
  4. Undo the oil filter with a 32mm spanner. Keep the tray underneath as more oil will drain out the sump as air enters the filter.
    The filter location is shown below
  5. The paper element needs to be removed from the plastic housing. This is tricky, but I found it can be levered out with a large screwdriver, but be careful not to damage the plastic housing. Place the screwdriver tip below the plastic top of the paper element and lever it out
  6. Insert the new paper element onto the engine block (not into the plastic housing), making sure the nipple on the end of the element enters its hole correctly. Push the element home, so the rubber seal on the nipple 'clicks' into place.
  7. Replace the rubber seal (new one supplied with the new LR element) on the thread of the plastic housing. Now put the plastic filter housing back over the element and screw it back down. Ideally use a torque wrench - the correct torque is written on the housing.
  8. Replace the sump plug. The sump plug has an integral rubber washer and a new plug/bolt should be purchased each time. These only cost £2.03+VAT from LR.
  9. Fill with oil (approx 4.5 to 5 litres). Then run the engine for a short time, so that the filter fills with oil. Then check the oil level again and top up with approx another 0.5 ltrs
  10. Replace under tray