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Winch Hidden/Concealed Type - Concise pictorial by Wiggs

Webasto FBH operated by Phone -Activate your FBH when you want from your phone!.Courtesy of Wiggs.

Webasto FBH timer & Optional Remote - Courtesy of Stapldm . Detailed discussion

Fitting Discovery 4 LED Rear Lights including resistor modification to correct the instrument pack flash rate

Inexpensive A/V modification - Full pictorial guide by discoBizz

Extending the D3 multimedia capabilities - Full pictorial guide by discoBizz

Fitting aux-in socket to Base model D3 - by CFB

MY08.5+ style cupholders with rubber inserts to hold bigger range of drinks containers. Part number LR021330 - ~£5 each (Oct 2011)

Fitting DISCO3/4 stickers

How to facelift a D3 to D4 2010MY-2013MY style

How to facelift a D3 or D4 to D4 2014MY+ style

Add a manual internal tailgate release handle