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After The Problem.avi

OK so this was me stuck in France, does not look bad, but had not traction, even in extended mode!

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After The Problem.avi
Got Released and on my way again!440 viewsFeb 18, 2006
Yup, Im Stuck491 viewsIt does not look too bad, but the front pass wheel is in the ditch (no contact) the other fron wheel is on mud, the pass rear weel is in an \'ice pack\' and the other rear wheel is at full extension and not gripping.....Feb 18, 2006
The Road I came up.328 viewsThis is the road which caused my problem, drove up it, not realising there was a T junction which I had to turn right, turned, but could not get myself to get off the brakes and accellarate, so went straight on down a ditch!Feb 18, 2006
Showing Extent of \'extended mode\'387 viewsFeb 18, 2006
12 inches of Snow313 viewsFeb 18, 2006
Down ditch but only front wheel!401 viewsFeb 18, 2006