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interior boot... guess whats coming up for sale...55 views
DRZ400 coming for sale22 views
01 Disco 3 rev3.jpg
Disco 3 TDV6 GSLE74 viewsLimited Edition. Parking sensors front & rear, Full body skirts with chrome trim fog lights, Twin chrome tail pipes,
Disco abrasivo - Abrasive disc18 viewsDeclino ogni responsabilità per i danni che eventualmente farete direttamente o indirettamente seguendo questi consigli.
Per aprire la chiave ho usato un disco abrasivo da modellismo montato su un minitrapano. Deve giare velocemente.
Decline all responsibility for any damage that may directly or indirectly do by following these tips.
To open the key I used an abrasive disc mounted on a mini-drill. It must turn quickly.
1988 Mitsubishi Montero70 views
Mitsubishi Montero Headlight Washer41 views
Garmin navigation557 views
Two Discos at Northcott Mouth - neither of them mine98 views
02 Disco 3 GSLE.jpg
Disco 3 TDV6 GSLE53 views
30 viewstransforming a discovery 3 into a 4.......
03 Disco 3 GSLE.jpg
Disco 3 TDV6 GSLE48 views
Tagliare per eliminare parte del coperchio - Cut to remove part of the cover13 viewsE' meglio prima levare il circuito stampato e poi la lama della chiave, per evitare di danneggiarlo. Tagliare sopra il tasto superiore per rimuovere solo la parte con i tasti.
Is better to remove the printed board first then the key, to prevent damage. Cut over the top button to remove only the part with the buttons.
03092006029 (Small).jpg
Garmin GPSmap 76S on stick-on bracket276 views
03092006031 (Small).jpg
Garmin GPS mount without GPS bracket245 views
Misty fog Light9 views
05 - West Coast_098.JPG
In the Spray Tunnel - pull your mirrors in!354 views
05 Disco 3.jpg
Disco 3 TDV6 GSLE40 views
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21 viewsSuspension fault codes
Morsetto - Clamp37 viewsIl morsetto è della misura esatta della sede dell'attuatore.
The clamp is the same size of the actuator slot.
Air Suspension Air Filter52 views
Cavo nel morsetto - Cable in clamp42 viewsHo inserito il terminale rotto nel morsetto: bisogna sforzarlo molto e ho praticato una cava attraverso il foro della vite con una punta in modo che il terminale non possa scivolare.
I entered the terminal broke into the clamp: you have to force it a lot, and I practiced a quarry through the screw hole with a bit so that the terminal can not slip.
A green haven in a vast expanse of lava18 viewsThis was a great place fore some mid day leg stretcher and lunch
08 End of road with seized wheel.jpg
08 D3 stranded with a seized smoking wheel314 viewsAbout 1 hr after replacing the blown tyre, strange noises emanated from the stability control system and speed dropped off. Then I looked in the rear view mirror, and noted a cloud of dust along with a whiff of black smoke. This led to a very quick stop (no traffic on this route for over a week, so no worries about having to signal exiting the road). Took a look and WOW. The right rear wheel was glowing a dull red colour, and burning rubber smoke was wafting from the red glow over the fuel lines.
The transmission fault102 views
Transmission as it was.89 views
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Cooper Creek - Innamincka79 views
10 Voice Mic 4 LR.jpg
10 Telephone / Voice Mic Plugs70 views
The 30n inch SR series bar illuminated61 views
SR lightbar illuminated 72 viewsSR 40 lightbar illuminated
SR lightbar illuminated at night 69 viewsSR40 iluminated
10000 miles.jpg
100,000 miles 119 views
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The Middle - Steering Wheel with Airbag Removed92 views
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Rich (luv bus) on the step at Rudland march 1171 viewsRich coming up the steps at rudland
205 viewsRoof panel with wired switches and PTI microphone
202 viewsRoof panel with switches, PTI microphone and bracket
Savoury Creek, crossed it further down where there was minimal water201 views
71 viewsMiddle of everywhere?
Jack Smiths grave, a stockman who died in his swag330 views
mind out for Steve\'s Bollard!204 views
238 viewsPictures of front of engine while doing a timing belt change
D4 349 viewsRear seat aircon gone missing
Putting all the bits back in52 viewsNotice the rope (Kevlar) coming out of the actuator box on the right side.
The Discovery Family26 viewsDiscovery 4 & Discovery Sport (My son soooo wants a Disco Sport!)
Mile high club! (3400m)146 views
12S plug from eBay and Ctek lead (provided with MXS-10) - before cutting the ring terminals off.20 views
misano 2002138 views
Rugby ball prize13 viewsWon this at the Dubai 7's in 2010. The LR stand had a competition. You had to push a LR4 over a something like an uphill speedbump. A modified bullbar resembling a scrumming machine allowed 3 people to touch, engage and push the beast over the bump. Me and my 2 kids - with a little bit of help, managed it and for our trouble got this ball !!!
137500 miles 001.jpg
137500 miles 002.jpg
137500 miles 003.jpg
137500 miles 004.jpg
137500 miles 005.jpg
13 Automatic Transmission Transaxle3 views13 Automatic Transmission Transaxle
14 Manual Transmission Transaxle, Clutch and Transfer Case5 views14 Manual Transmission Transaxle, Clutch and Transfer Case
16-08-2005 113.jpg
Spot the Disco - Clue: look in the mirror!196 views
\'The Pound\' - Ormiston Gorge, West Macdonnell Ranges78 views
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Front Middle19 views
Front Middle19 views
ent139 views
MAP sensor55 viewsMAP sensor gunky but hole clean. 108k miles non-blanked EGR.
On the top of Fremington Edge above Reeth in North yorkshire39 views
Fremington Edge12 views
Fremington Edge12 views
Green Lanning in Yorkshire166 viewsA Baltic Blue MY2011 D4 on Fremington Edge above Reeth in North Yorkshire
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2 G4_s.JPG
Mine and Buelbeasts 203 views
Thread upload2 viewsImage uploaded in thread 192673
Coongie Lakes - near Innamincka72 views
339 viewsMinor Kerb
Irony282 viewsSelf Explanatory, there is no grass.
Trolley Jack Premier 2ton Long Reach Super Rocket Lift Sealey 2000LQ111 views
Thread upload5 viewsImage uploaded in thread 54746
Look what we got up! Not bad in standard spec and 16", mixed, road tyres, I guess!41 views
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2008-11-01 - Reynold_s River, Litchfield National Park 076.jpg
D3 in Litchfield National Park, on another part of the Reynolds Track50 viewsAnother shot of the flood plains and the magnetic trmite mounds.
2008-12-26 - Djukbinj National Park, Boxing Day 2008 040.jpg
D3 in the Mary River Flood plains48 viewsFamily was down South with the In-laws, so I went for a drive on Boxing Day - which is the monsoon time, or \'The Wet\'. Was doing a test run with the off-raod trailer in preparation for the trip I was planning to the Kimberley six months later. Couldn\'t quite make it out of the creek, so a self-recovery was in order. Good thing it all worked, as I didn\'t see another car in over four hours. They were too smart to drive down the track I was on!
2009 014.jpg
On top at last340 viewsPhoto at the sumit of Arigna mountains, as part of one of the stages in the 2009 4x4challenge in aid of Temple St childrens hospital. Tough gettin there especially as we towed a Deafner90 up behind us that had bursted an expansion bottle. But the D3 powered on up regardless.
panoramica 59 views
panoramica59 views
Rimini Red258 views
71DG North, Midnight108 views
71DG North, Astronomical Midnight89 views
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oil seems to be coming from grommet on auto-box62 views
Cordillo Downs Road between Birdsville and Innamincka34 views
Thousands od Sea Birds Thousands of Km from Ocean - Innamincka28 views
Kayaking - Cooper Creek Innamincka21 views
Sun up - camp on Cooper Creek Innamincka18 views
70 viewsCubby box coming out
67 viewsJungle of wires coming out of the cubby box
120 viewsOptima Yellow Top in battery box. This is the version with side terminals so there will be some modifications to be done to fit
108 viewsDue to the side terminals protruding out the side and affecting the battery clamp, I found the battery will fit better if it could be pushed a few millimeters towards the engine. This lip will have to be removed.
88 viewsBattery clamp needs to be modified due to the mouldings on the battery top to the side terminals. All that is needed is to cut off the bit as seen.
124 viewsBattery clamped down, terminals and cables attached
D2 2004 ES Premium37 views
2012-07-21 14.56.24.jpg
Prototipo height controller miniaturizzato ANITAS 54 views
2012-10-05 19.14.41.jpg
Heater Illumination30 views
mining city16 views
these brands not permitted to park22 views
slumming it18 views
err...reflector missing20 views
turbo fail on a qst 30 cummins90 views
Disco and family in the woods20 views
2013-04-23 12.56.37.jpg
New Touch with HDMI36 views
excelse minilight27 views
colour coded full mirror covers165 views
My D3182 viewsJust washed and polished.
2014-12-14 10.34.53.jpg
humidity sensor 417 views
2014-12-14 10.35.41.jpg
humidity sensor 316 views
2014-12-14 10.36.36.jpg
humidity sensor 217 views
2014-12-14 10.45.22.jpg
humidity sensor 118 views
2014-12-14 10.45.47.jpg
humidity sensor 518 views
Amps38 viewsThis picture shows how mutch my disco uses while programing the engine management ecu
all mine43 viewsShe scrubs up well
Austin Mini - early days6 views
Austin Mini - Jet Black4 views
Austin Mini - interior5 views
Austin Mini - front end4 views
slummin15 views
Terminal6 views
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Thread upload0 viewsImage uploaded in new thread
Test probe measure voltage12 viewsDo NOT insert the test probe into the connector as this can damage the terminal.
Familly sledging with the disco24 views
missy home 27 viewsmissy home from vets after week of investigation - treatment
missy home 15 viewsmissy home from vets after week of investigation - treatment
Deka 9A49 AGM Intimidator244 viewsThe Deka 9A49 AGM Intimidator makes an excellent primary battery alternative to the factory or Interstate. Made in US of premium quality. This is an excellent match with the Traxide system w/another Deka or Yellow Top optima.

This will behave properly in your D3/4 LR3 with slightly less wear and tear on your alternator.
solar roof install385 viewsMore or less wrapped up my solar installation today. I added a Grape Solar Flex 100W panel, it's adequate to keep the vehicle topped off with the Fridge running, and Ham, but it could lose some ground if transmitting depending on how much, 2 would be awesome. One is enough, but barely. I am quite impressed with the Grape Solar flex panel version 2.0.
Winch Power upgrade257 viewsUsing 2 warn kits, and removing one of the wires to use on another project. The purpose was to replace the power and ground wire. I used Warn kits, which are 4/0 Welding cable. The original red #4 warped from getting a little too worn. The 2nd
Battery #1 Deka 9A94 AGM Intimidator, Battery #2 Deka 9A47 AGM Intimidator WARN 36080 28" Quick Connect Cable X 2, WARN 26405 Quick Connect Cable 7' X 2, WARN 15901 Black Cable X 1 -- winch control 72" X 1
semi-final install207 views
Thread upload26 viewsOne in a million shot. This happened while wheeling.
screen wash supplies10 viewsnever enough screen wash when family run 3 in winter
Dmax in the Romiley Snow March 201614 views
Romiley Wheely Bin Snow March 201612 views
Monitoring hole.4 viewsHole for monitoring the timing belt.
Lie - O - Meter35 viewsA little optimistic..........
Thread upload1 viewsImage uploaded in thread 17923
Thread upload1 viewsImage uploaded in new thread
Front Differential Description and Operation1334 viewsThe 4 page pdf describes of the operation of the front differential plus displays an exploded view of the front differential.

The fill plug is item 36 and the drain plug, item 8.

It is suggested one first unscrew the fill plug before unscrewing the drain plug - and it might take two different wrench sizes, hence get this detail sorted out before any oil drains out.
Hendrix87 views
16 viewsnon è mia l'immagine ma riporta l'esatto cruscotto
On Solar196 viewsOn Solar, Snomaster Fridge, Ham Radio and 100W Grape Solar panel, Deka 9A94R Intimidator AGM. I can supply the Stainless Snowmaster Fridges. Other components if you need help.
25 Dash Loom illumination wire LR.jpg
25 Dash Loom44 views
26122007039 (Medium).jpg
Transmission Range Change Not Available233 views
Land Rover Stop Tail Light dual filament bulb nominal 12 volt 21 / 5 watt filaments1292 viewsThis is the Land Rover part number 264590 dual filament bulb, (P21/5), that inserts into the upper two tail lamp receptacles. In the upper one, both filaments function, in the lower one, only the 5 watt tail light filament functions.

I regard it as not a good practice to routinely switch bulbs when the tail light filament, (5 watt), burns out on the lower bulb. The broken filament can jiggle over onto the brake light filament, (21 watt), and short the circuit to ground or something else not predicable.

There are also arguments to say that quality control is better on the Land Rover marketed bulbs than say far east sourced bulbs. Filament construction, and hence resistance can vary and mislead the current sensing circuits monitoring the signal light systems. Also when the bulbs are properly installed, all filaments should be standing vertically and not at any slope.

These are the sort of obscure circumstances that can lead to false trouble messages on the display, dropping to the stops, and subsequent concerns - all over a tail/signal light bulb.

For example, the filament life of both the tail light and the brake light filaments in the P21/5 bulb is significantly less than the USA common 1157 dual filament bulb, (1000/250 vs 5000/1200 hours); brightness in the P21/5 is a bit more, (3cp/35cp vs 3cp/32cp where cp is candle power), but current consumption is oddly less, (0.44a/1.86a vs 0.59a/2.10a where a is amps). It is the quest for efficiency vs maintenance trade off.
Off road map in Garmin navigator250 views
Mileage 17 views
Martin?306 views
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Thread upload8 viewsImage uploaded in thread 120502
Thread upload2 viewsImage uploaded in thread 192673
ZF 6HP26 Transmission Cooling System Description and Operation2583 viewsThe five page pdf details the operation of the cooling system as related to cooling engine oil, transmission oil and providing hot water to the cabin heating system.
30mpg after 170miles of A & B roads432 views
Mitchell Falls100 views
Mitchell Falls111 views
35mpg and 78.5 miles home.jpg
37.2mpg and 13.5 miles.jpg
Oli pump priming13 views
Billing Off-Road Course Water Splash43 viewsLottie\'s first off-road experience at the Billing off-road course with MikeS providing some vital guidance!
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Thread upload2 viewsImage uploaded in thread 192673
40.3mpg 32.8 miles.jpg
Air Conditioning and Heater Control Components1946 viewsThis is a 21 page pdf that really explains how the air system is supposed to work. Discussed are the exterior ambient air sensor, where and how it operates; the interior temperature sensor as well as humidity sensor.
Alternator and Regulator Wiring Diagrams, TDV6 and petrol V8 and V61722 viewsThis is a three page pdf that shows the alternator and regulator wiring for the petrol V6, petrol V8 and TDV6. The pdf can be either printed or by right clicking on the displayed pdf, rotated as required for viewing.

Of interest is that the regulator gets its instructions primarily from the Engine Control Module (ECM) and only secondarily from the vehicles electrical buss. The conductor from the battery thru the 5 amp fuse F20E is to provide initial power to excite the alternator at startup and then secondarily, to instruct it if the PWM signals were not available. Primary instructions to and from the ECM are thru the two other conductors via a digital like Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) signal.

If F20E, the 5 amp engine compartment fuse box fuse is blown, the red alternator light on the dash will be illuminated. This means that the alternator could be OK, but if the F20E fuse is blown, no electricity will be generated. Hence check the F20E fuse if you get a red ALT light or some indication of the alternator not working.

Regarding operation of the red ALT light on the dash, it is not the regulator within the alternator that tells the red light to illuminate, or not, but instead the ECM. This is the reason the red light does not function in the same manner as with older vehicles. With the 3, sometimes you have illumination and sometimes not depending upon what the ECM is thinking. What this means is that you can have an alternator that is failing but the red light does not illuminate as the ECM is compensating for reduced alternator output - maybe by draining the battery and or cutting back on vehicle electrical loads such as shutting off or cycling the radio amplifier or heated seats.
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42 - West Coast_118.JPG
Granville Harbour Track and mizzle346 views
Thread upload1 viewsImage uploaded in thread 184657
3 year service6 views
Thread upload0 viewsImage uploaded in thread 135459
Thread upload35 viewsImage uploaded in thread 102519
Thread upload2 viewsImage uploaded in thread 192673
D4/LR4 501-12-floor console upper panel install instructions / german language62 viewsD4/LR4 501-12-floor console upper panel install instructions / german language
Wipers, Front and Rear, plus Washers description and operation.743 viewsThis 17 page pdf describes how the wipers, front and rear, plus the washers are intended to operate. Also described is how the rain sensor is designed to function along with a table of the wiper delay timing parameters.
51. City Limits, William Creek.jpg
City Limits, William Creek199 views
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Dynamic Duo22 viewsHead to Head
Even in Oman they have water splashes!103 viewsThe sheer joy of driving through fresh water in a mountain wadi. Rare enough to find running water when it isn\'t raining, but to drive through too is a real bonus for us Middle Eastern ex-pat drivers!
t72 mine plow46 views
Thread upload1 viewsImage uploaded in thread 185650
Thread upload1 viewsImage uploaded in thread 156005
rain sensor behind mirror 1151 views
rain sensor behind mirror 140 views
ip - blemish11 views
6mm Heat Shrink colours 0502.JPG
6mm Heat Shrink colours 328 viewsI decided to colour code the tubing so I used 6mm electrical heat shrink.
As there is no apparent colour coding re the 3, I tried to emulate the P38 coding; #1 LR red, #2 RR blue, #3 LF yellow, and #4 RF green. This was not doable as both left side air springs have green coloured tubing coming off the top of the front and rear air springs. I therefore arbitrarily chose the Left Rear to be red; Left Front green; Right Front yellow; Right Rear blue; and for the air compressor supply line, White coloured heat shrink. Since two new lines tie into each air spring line, I made the line between the air spring and the FASKIT, a single solid colour, and the line from the FASKIT to the valve block, White, plus the related appropriate solid colour.
6mm PA12 tubing with heat shrink applied 0508.JPG
6mm PA12 grade nylon tubing with heat shrink applied 494 viewsShows some of the 6mm air line with heat shrink applied to one end of tubing. Shrink will be applied to the other end once field cut to length. These four tubes, each about 20 ft (6m) long, feed to the rear. Re the front air lines, (not shown), four additional lengths, each about 10 ft (3m) long, are required plus one more 3 metre length for compressor air. The 6mm tubing is a Nylon product specified as PA12. There is also a very similar Transport grade PA11 material, however it seems that PA12 is the more common Transport grade now in use. Also the applicable DIN standard seems to be both DIN 73378 and DIN 74324 for the nylon tubing. The working pressure of the 6mm tubing is about 27 Bar and bursting 82 Bar @ 20C. This is for the 1mm nominal wall thickness material, (4mm ID, 6mm OD).
7 middle front~0.JPG
Centre console.35 views
7 Voice Mic 1 LR.jpg
7 Voice / Telephone Mic Cable - pre fitted in roof69 views
Mini Blade Fuse with Breakout Wire8 views
8 Voice Mic 2 LR.jpg
8 Where Voice / Telephone Mic goes64 views
890636 (401).JPG
misano 2008121 views
Thread upload3 viewsImage uploaded in thread 185601
Husky Organizer Bags117 viewsUse these or something similar if you own a refrigerator cubby box and want to use it for storage and occasional fridge. They go for under $7.00 at Home Depot.
9 Voice Mic 3 LR.jpg
9 Voice Telephone Mic Fitted62 views
Tools from dealer100 viewsThis is a cel pic of the tools from the dealer for install and removal of control arm bushings. minus one broken tool.
A35 and Mito.jpg
Auston A35 and Alfa Mito - obvious cousins!57 views
Add A Circuit Littelfuse Data sheet2085 viewsThe switch connects to what Littelfuse brand calls an Add-A-Circuit model FMH200BP which is an adapter that plugs in place of a Mini fuse and then has space for two Mini fuses, (original and a second one). In this install, only the original 5 amp fuse was used - adapter was so as to route power from fuse box thru fuse, then rocker switch, and then back to fuse box.

Before you install the Add A Circuit for this application, take an ohm meter and trace out the circuit path of the four slots that fuses could insert into. The path is more complicated than one might first think. As such, the orientation of the fuse holder in the socket matters for this application - that is for a circuit diverter, rather than accessory adder.
Aerial bonnet bracket17 views
14 viewsOur treasure, passed away in june'12
He served for 14 years.
We miss him.
With Mitchell Bros Hitch138 views
Thread upload1 viewsImage uploaded in thread 189482
Thread upload0 viewsImage uploaded in thread 176300
Thread upload1 viewsImage uploaded in thread 176300
Air Conditioning Pipes (File 1)943 viewsIt\'s the smaller of the 2 pipes that is leaking. Both pipes are encased full length in the foam sleeve. You can see where the support bracket has \'crushed\' the sleeve. The bracket is what holed the small pipe. There is a bracket at each end and one in the middle. You need to remove the suspension reservoir to get to the centre bracket. Be aware that the bolts securing the brackets may be corroded and are likely to shear off on removal!
Lunchtime Lane195 viewsNot 200 yards from Manchester Airport can be found a little 1/2 mile lane - did it for the first time today - a few minutes fun in a dreary day
Thread upload7 viewsImage uploaded in thread 136282
Air Parts52 viewsSubstitue push fit air spring terminators for Disco 3
Thread upload7 viewsImage uploaded in new thread
FOR SALE - ONE OFF Land Rover Disco 3 36 viewsOne of a kind Landrover Discovery TDV6 HSE LUX Model 5 door automatic 4x4 diesel evo blue. Upgrades: sidesteps, roof rails, privacy glass, front and rear heated seats/elec seats, landrover tv and headphones, 7 seater black leather, piano black dash/steering wheel, built in fridge, 6 disc changer, sat nav and bluetooth, harman kardon premium entertainment pack, by-xenon adaptive headlights , cruise control and front and rear park distance control, panoramic electric glass roof, 22inch alloy wheels, body kit
Fremington Edge, Reeth14 views
Last picture of my "old" previous Disco - wood222 viewsHope I won\'t miss the wood in the new one ;-)
Alternator female plug looking down into top287 viewsThis shows the plug connected to the alternator wiring harness looking down into the top of the plug.

The cavity marked 1 is the AS or BATT SENSE and the wire colour most likely has Brown/Green on it.
The cavity marked 2 is the RC or ALT CON and the wire colour most likely has Red/White on it.
The cavity marked 3 is the L1 or ALT MON and the wire colour likely has Green/White on it.

I say "most likely" as the wire colours are not always the same on all vehicles.
Also the terminal 1 conductor destination is more likely C0570-175 rather than per the jpg.

The #3 pin is located closest to the big B+ terminal.
Alternator Plug and B+ terminal800 viewsPictured is the rear of the older Land Rover part # YLE500190 alternator showing the shiny cooling fin of the Regitar VRH2005-142 regulator under.

The first pin in the far left side of the connector is numbered #1 in the LR electrical wiring diagrams and is Battery Voltage Sensing (BVS); the middle pin, #2 receives a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) signal from the Engine Control Module (ECM), and the right pin, #3 carries a PWM signal back to the ECM. Terminal Pin #2 on the LR wiring diagrams is called Alternator Control or ALT CON; Pin #3 per LR is called Alternator Monitoring or ALT MON.

Pin #1 is similar to what in older designs used to be called A or Batt, but is now called by Denso, S, AS, or Alternator Sensing for this design. Pin #1 also provides power to excite the alternator at startup until the PWM instructions over ride the battery voltage info. Land Rover calls the electronics under the pins a Smart Regulator, ironic, as it has to follow orders from the ECM rather than give the orders - new age thinking I guess. This is different from older design internal regulators that look at just the battery or the electrical buss voltage and then decides itself what to do.

It is almost like we are back to the external regulator designs of old, except that the ECM may decide that instead of telling the alternator to make more power, to load shed, and hence shut down the heated windscreen, seats, or whatever other electrical loads it decides are appropriate. My view is that the "smarts" are in the ECM and that the "regulator" should be regarded if not dumb, then as being a slave to the ECM.
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America 2006 091.jpg
Objects in the rear view mirror are closer than they appear.238 views
America 2006 283.jpg
Yosemite278 views
www.dinnerinthesky.com109 views
Amplifier wiring86 viewsChanges for converting High Line to Premium.

Andamooka Panoramic Comp V5.jpg
172 viewsThis photo was "Autostitched" from 7 individual ones.
Thread upload1 viewsImage uploaded in new thread
Semiasse anteriore sosp. mod. estesa145 views
albero di trasmissione anteriore a doppia crociera15 views
Thread upload14 viewsImage uploaded in thread 174456
Tool16 views
Tool16 viewsTool
Archos and Snow 006.jpg
Cam mounted, cable tucked behind mirror (cool Disco3 sticker shot in the mirror)270 views
Archos and Snow 011.jpg
The cam with microphone/control buttons178 views
arrived 39.2 mpg and 34.7 miles.jpg
1 millionth Disco51 views
At Mittagong.JPG
Mud at Mittagong186 views
Aus Family 234.JPG
Aus Family 237.JPG
Aus Family 247.JPG
Aus Family 248.JPG
:-)83 viewsWedge Island LC recovery
Aus2008Map .jpg
Our Trip Apr-Aug 2008131 viewsGosford to: Broken Hill, Innamincka, Birdsville, Alice Springs, Bungle Bungle NP, Broome, Gibb River Rd to Mitchell Falls and then Kunnunurra, Darwin (for tail gate Repair), Normanton (via Roper Bar, Borroloola, Lawn Hill, Burketown), Townsville, down coast to Noosa then inland to home. TRACK TRACE BY TRACKRANGER SOFTWARE ON ASUS UMPC.
Austria ski holiday 09_ 030.jpg
-21 deg and doing my bit for global warming.......... dont think the tree hugging Toyota next to me was too impressed192 views
automatic transmission.pdf
automatic transmission55 views
Thread upload11 viewsImage uploaded in thread 136024
Aux Battery vent 8.jpg
BCI Group 40R Deka 640RMF battery showing vent hose run forward to windshield washer reservoir area 1332 viewsRecessed post "Euro profile" battery to "match" OEM and stock Land Rover bracket; note that the Traxide SC80-LR module is mounted at an angle to allow for the main cable to sit under the cover so cover still closes.
The battery is a nominal 7", (180mm), high, but sits on a 1" battery spacer set under to raise the bottom front end of the battery such that the approx 11", (290 mm), length of the BCI 40R battery rises above the angled plastic nibs at the forward end bottom of the case front; hence sufficient space, (1/4", 5mm) remains at the brake reservoir end.

Also the 40R battery does not have hold down "flanges" on each end; on the sides yes, but not the ends so no additional length is required.

When I had to replace the 40R, this time I installed the shorter, (9.625"), taller, (7.5") Interstate BCI 47 / DIN H5 battery which eliminated the spacer on the bottom and better fit the stock LR tie down bolt lengths. Deka also has a BCI 47 / DIN H5 that would work fine as well.
vermin17 views
got one shot on 4x5 transparency film. then it was gone.139 views
105 viewsHWY 150, colloquially known as Mirror Lake Highway.
Admiring the view191 viewsLothain 4x4 Response off-road day Bathgate July 2010
Middle seat strike plate10 views
Mind the gap!218 views
Battery Disconnect Wirthco 20308 Knob Top Post 41CX909WE4L__SL500_AA280_.jpg
Battery Disconnect Wirthco 20308 Knob Top Post 836 viewsThis is a battery post style disconnect, usually for the negative terminal. There is a hole drilled in the round end off the battery so that flat terminal can be attached as well as the normal battery post terminal. I did not use this hookup arrangement, however I show it for information only.
Battery Disconnect side post with + & - caps, top view582 viewsThis disconnect is designed for side post batteries. It can be used on either the + or - terminals. It can also be installed at the "other" end of the battery cable as well. In my install of the Aux battery, I installed this on the negative ground cable where the cable attaches to the body sheet metal. I have never used it but it seemed like a good idea at the time. The main battery hookup is pure stock.

For the hot side of the Aux battery, an Anderson PowerPole was used inline for the cable between the Aux and connecting to the spare bolt hole at the + post of the Main battery cable.
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Positive battery terminal lead15 views
Woodlands Hotel5 viewsGreen Oval Garage would like to say thank you to the Woodlands Hotel in Leeds for allowing us the use of their beautiful grounds for all our future photos shoots.

Woodlands is one of the finest luxury hotels in Leeds. This boutique hotel is set in beautiful landscaped grounds on the outskirts of Leeds city centre, just 2 minutes drive from junction 27 of the M62 motorway, with 23 individually designed bedrooms and an award winning restaurant. Packed with character, this lovingly restored hotel is only three miles from the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Leeds with superb nightlife and unrivalled shopping.

Woodlands also offers a stylish and contemporary functions venue for all kinds of social and business events. Our three stunning event spaces are suitable for everything from wedding ceremonies and receptions, to corporate meetings and events. The permanent marquee, attached to the hotel, can accommodate up to 150 for dining and 200 for evening parties and receptions, making it one of the most elegant settings for a wedding venue in the Leeds area.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact us on or 0113 2381 488
BBC Micro116 views
mmmm19 views
BFG MT and Dynamic wheel.jpg
Dynamic steel wheel and MT174 views
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Clip positions on mirror base shelf56 views
billy 2004116 views
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Black Bluff2754.jpg
January 2nd Mid Summer Tasmania91 views
BlackBetty all or nothing (Medium).jpg
DiscoBlitzen comitted67 views
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block paving.jpg
Crazy Paving67 viewsThe last place you would expect to find a nice bit of block paving. The 513m summit of Monkside on the DISCO3.CO.UK Kielder day 2009.
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BN with Blooming Suitcase.jpg
BN with Blooming Suitcase258 views
Discovery ES Premium30 views
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OLD version Bodsy's Brake Bible V1.3 +text change2080 viewsMinor Text Change updated P7 and P9.
Bodsy's Brake Bible Version 1.6a - LATEST VERSION29083 viewsMinor updates from Version 1.6
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Box Closed with 7 Blade NAS connectors525 viewsBox closed up and ready for use. The box and cable connectors are reasonably weather tight and hence can be submerged for a bit while doing a creek crossing but as with the 3, do not use the creek bed as a parking stall. Similarly, the connector recessed into the bumper will probably remain somewhat dry as long as you keep moving but if you get stopped, well that is another story.

As such, I put a vial of desiccant in the metal box prior to closing it up to reduce corrosion due to moisture build up.
Black Deposits to interior of Brake Light Switch2611 viewsThere are two contacts, one on each side of the vertical plunger under the copper metal. The set of normally open contacts on the left side that carries the power for the brake light filaments, (15 amp fuse F15P), is apparently not heavy enough as the contacts deteriorate and generate the black residue.

The set of normally closed contacts on the other side appear to be sized OK. There is not as much current, (5 amp fuse F66P), flowing thru the contacts to the ABS module, however the contacts are likely adversely affected by the black residue produced by the other deteriorating set of contacts.

One presumes/hopes that the newer replacement switch now has contacts heavy enough to carry the brake light power. It would be ideal if the ABS set of contacts were sealed from the brake light contacts to prevent contamination of the normally closed set of contacts.
Brake Light Switch, Find, Remove, and Install Instructions 7175 viewsThis is a two page doc outlining where to find the brake light switch, how to remove it, and then install the new one.

Note, do not move the brake pedal when removing or installing the switch. Let the brake pedal hang where it wants to. The switch design is actually cunning, and as such is supposed to make the removal and install fool proof. Hence if you think too much about it, you can wreck the new switch.

If you want to inspect the interior of the switch, wait until you have removed the old switch. You can then just unsnap the blue from the white to get it apart. Inside, the switch is quite simple, (no circuit boards), but it will probably show black dust from failing contacts.

I think the reason the switch fails is that the Normally Open, (NO), contacts of the brake light contacts were made too light to carry the current load for make and break of the tail light filaments. I also think the black dust created then fouls the Normally Closed, (NC), second set of contacts for the ABS circuit. As such, the Normally Closed contacts become intermittent in operation and display as a fluctuating open and closed circuit condition to the ABS system when the ABS should be seeing a steady closed circuit. Hopefully the replacement switch contacts are more robust and may be as I recently replaced my switch again just as a matter of maintenance. While in a redesign, ideally the NC contacts should be sealed or at least separated from the NO contacts, when I inspected the removed switch, this time there was no black dust present.

Probably the removed switch will have a Land Rover oval logo moulded into it, the new one, FOMOCO.
Black Deposits on Brake Light Switch Plunger2562 viewsThis jpg I got off another forum and is typical of what one will see when one opens up the removed brake light switch. The black powder is residue from arcing of one of the pair of contacts within.

Hopefully the newer switches with the FOMOCO logo moulded into the plastic are improved from the Land Rover logo marked early units, however I doubt it.

The Ford part number is SW-6572 and/or 7E5Z-13480-A as used on the 2006 to 2009 Ford Fusion's and Mercury Milan's; the Land Rover part number is XKB500110. Cost of switch could be about twenty five dollars. A previous LR part number for the switch was XKB500030, so hopefully the newer LR part number, XKB500110, reflects some improvement in reliability.

It is possible that the new switches are better as I installed a replacement 72,000 km, (45,000 miles) later, at 195,000 km (121,000 miles). When I took the removed switch apart to inspect, it was clean inside. There was no black dust - the switch looked like new, hence they must be improved now.
Breather Cap Installed1757 viewsThe black L shaped tube is is the Gore manufactured, (the Gore-Tex people), LR4 Breather Valve installed in an LR3. Naturally the installation looks similar to what one sees on an LR4 or RRS as the Gore breather valve is now OEM for new production.

The part number of this upgraded front differential breather valve is LR019450 and costs about thirty dollars.
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Brickarms48 views
BT 002.jpg
Christmas on the beach Pilbara Western Australia266 viewsNoone for bloody miles an miles!
Grommit21 viewsIs this a free grommit low down and on the LHS of the brake servo?
Grommit20 viewsOn manual D3's this is used by the clutch. Om Autos it may be free for routing a cable
Butterbridge Green Road Run 2010_19.jpg
CALENDAR 2011418 viewsD4 and an ex-military Lightweight
T-Max Adventurer 160lt/min Compressor too big for spare battery slot70 views
289 viewsGuess what Tom Cruise uses in Mission Impossible 3...
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Disco3 in snow405 viewsThis photo was taken in Jan 2009 on a SLROC green road run. This was at the summint of Glen Shria
Calendar 2008 Entry - Millau and Disco 3 (1).JPG
Calendar 2008 Entry - Millau and Disco 3 (1)~0.JPG
Calendar 2008 Entry - Millau and Disco 3 (2).JPG
Calendar 2008 Entry .JPG
Calendar 2008 Entry611 viewsMilau Bridge and D3
Calendar 2008 Entry.JPG
Calendar 2008 Entry555 viewsMy car in a field below the Milau Bridge in France.
Callistemon viminalis (Bottlebrush)121 viewsPhoto courtesy of Murray Fagg (an expert on Australian plants).
Camera pictures 29 002.jpg
D3 Side Step Repairs155 viewsAluminium trim has been straightend out but need to remove all the old rivets from the rear of the trim.
Camera pictures 29 009.jpg
D3 Side Step Repairs166 viewsWhilst I held the trim in place a second person inserted the rivets from behind the step edge. We started in the middle and worked out either way to ensure a snug fit of the aluminium trim.
Camileo%20S20_2 2.jpg
Toshiba Camileo S2039 views
Toshiba Camileo S2057 views
Camping set up.jpg
Jayco Dove Outback camper144 viewsPerfect setup for a young family
Can I start again (Medium).jpg
DiscoWex comitted to going down74 views
Mk10 Military Canoe29 viewsCurrently on loan to the National Maritime Museum
Can Bus10 views0s - Start of trace
5s - unlock 1
10s - ignition on (In-I-II)
30s - ignition off (II-I-Out)

Non accurate timings - +/- ~2s.
Kermit5 views
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D3 on the Gold-fields Loop South of Darwin, and North of Pine Creek. 66 viewsThis is the middle of January, so is right in the middle of the Wet. Red mud. EPB hates it.
Elddis Crusader Storm254 viewsNot our actual caravan (or car) but very similar! We have a Superstorm which doesn\'t have a fixed bed at the rear like this one does.
71 viewsMS excel sheet for monthly mileage report will give average fuel consumption.(most cells have formulas to help fill in from previous line)
on first sheet add details you want on monthly sheets. during use the data needed to be added is ending reading on clock, places visited (if you want).
how much fuel when you purchased it also fuel in tank at start and end of month
Sill protectors794 viewsThese replace the plastic sill protectors. 4mm mild steel plate, bolted through the existing holes in the side and underside.
Central Door Locking Operation Description1329 viewsThis 17 page pdf explains how the door locks are supposed to operate. Note that on page 9/17, the explanation of the operation of the hood ajar switch is wrong. It operates similar to the door and tailgate ajar switches; that is when a "door" is closed, the switch is closed to maintain a ground back to the CJB. Opening the hood, door, or tailgate removes the ground breaking the circuit and hence allows for an alarm condition.
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I placed the mic for the hand free at the steering colum - easy install and seems to work fine139 views
All at sea in an LR3103 viewsThe ferry from the mainland to Mazira Island was packed to the gunnels with vehicles. My LR3 was last on and they left the bow doors partially open for 14 lonnnnng sea miles across the Arabian Gulf!
Hidden Mic Connector135 viewsMic connector on upper side of head lining just above & behind sun visor
Campsite on Mazirah208 viewsA fabulous deserted sandy beach that runs for miles on the east coast of Mazirah Island, off the Omani mainland , views across the Arabian Gulf, and turtles and hatched terrapins.
\'Escape\' canvas seat covers268 viewsFull set of these well made SA seat covers fitted to protect the Alpaca leather from constant exposure to Middle EAst sunlight and sand. They fit well, and to date have proved very durable. They include headrest and arm rest covers too.
Long Ranger auxilairy fuel tank pump switch and tank gauge307 viewsFitted to the right of the air vent thumbwheel, the neat combination switch and gauge take sup no room at all. Switch locks on or off, but no pump running warning lamp! Contents of the tank are indicated by 5 LEDS, 4 green and 1 red for full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 and empty. Pump transfer rate of just 2 litres p/min is disappointing. I transfer on the move when main tank is at 1/4.
LongRanger auxiliary fuel tank352 viewsThe LR fuel tank imported from ARB in Australia with its 115 litre capacity has more than doubled the range of the car. This is important in the desert where fuel consumption increases at times to 10mpg or less. On a cruise on highways, the car now has a range approaching 850 miles. The tank fits neatly, has not affected handling in a detectable way apart from over speed humps, when a little more bounce from the rear suspension is detected! Suspension copes with the additonal loads without any problem.
Body-matching wheelarches248 viewsAnother shot of the body-matched wheel arches, sills and door mirror bodies.
2009 MY?237 viewsThe wheelarches, door sills, and door mirror bodies have all been sprayed to match the body colour. Same as 2009 MY? I think this looks really good, and is so much easier to keep clean than the textured plastic that suffered badly out here from dust/dirt ingraining and UV discolouration.
Lookalike 2009? 307 viewsShows RHS wheelarches, sills and door mirrors sparyed to match body colour.
Not a pretty picture93 viewsWell, there had to be one of the beaming owner in the album somewhere.
Circuito per collegamento frecce posteriori D4 su D364 viewsLa resistenza deve essere da 12 Ohm, 10 Watt minimo
My Disco3 outside its other home, the City Inn Westminster303 views
My Disco3 outside its other home, the City Inn Westminster204 views
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308 viewsCalendar 2010
Summit of the Col de l\'Iseran pass, France
74 viewsComing down from the summit seconds before blowing out the front passenger-side tire.
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communist gift shop18 views
example problems105 viewsInspection showed another Cut Airbag connector, a Missing connector and a few rogue wires at the bottom, the silver one marked Lin, is for the LIN BUS and is supposed to be like that though
Compressed Air Mining Loco19 views
Compressor 2.jpg
On Board compressor49 views150 litre per min compressor
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Cooling system hoses - 4.4L petrol V81021 viewsThese are the cooling system hoses on the 4.4L petrol V8. The little odd shaped bleeder hose, (LR006158), shown in the top right hand corner can give problems. There is a plastic tee with a threaded air bleeder outlet located in the middle of the hose. The plastic tee can or will fail due to I guess heat distress.

A BIC pen can serve as a field fix, however for your parts kit, a nominal 3/8" ID hose size brass hose barb inline connector plus a couple of hose clamps is suggested. Better yet is a threaded hose barb brass coupling or a tee and bleeder valve to allow bleeding of the line. Land Rover now makes the plastic bleeder valve that breaks available as a separate part, # LR027661, where 0 is a zero. As such, one can now purchase that part only for addition to your field fix parts kit.
Copia di (9).JPG
misano 2009126 views
Copy Misc 1 2008 001.jpg
Copy Misc 1 2008 002.jpg
Copy Misc 1 2008 003.jpg
Copy Misc 1 2008 026.jpg
Copy Misc 1 2008 032.jpg
Copy of DISCORAGNO LOGO2_M.cdr.pdf
LOGO DISCORAGNO IN FORMATO cdr ( corel draw)68 viewsScarica e rinomina il file nome file originale.cdr, oppure elimina la parte finale ".pdf".
Visto che il prog non me lo faceva uppare ho rinominato pdf ed invece e cdr.

Copy of DSC01415.JPG
Rimini Red - Decision made431 viewsSo excited, hence camera wobble!!, having a differnt colour at last after only 7 Silver Discos

Copy of sneeuw.jpg
the road between home and work290 viewsthe day before returning from work, I got stuck here in the middle of the snow storm. The plow didn\'t pass yet and wind was blowing snow everywere. Since then I always carry during winter a survival pack consisting of warm coat,cap, warm, high boots and gloves.
It is no fun recovering a car stuck in the snow and sliding down from the road when moving in nothing more than a business outfit (no gloves, city shoes, no coat) with a snowy wind blowing 100km/h..... .
Copy of Transmission Fluid Drain and Refill.pdf
Transmission Fluid Drain and Refill.pdf207 views
Camp on Cooper Creek, Innamincka72 views
Innamincka Hotel69 views
Mighty Cooper Creek62 views
Parked at Innamincka Hotel75 views
Phones, Public Toilets & Showers at Innamincka78 views
Sunset at Innamincka74 views
Near Thargomindah76 views
Might gums in rocky riverbed in Desert83 views
3 jerry's of water, cooking gear in crates in middle, clothes + food on top shelf126 views
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Looking back after a mile243 views
DSL examines the trench301 views
Corwen piccies 009.jpg
Coming off the Wayfarer.172 views
Corwen piccies 010.jpg
Coming off the Wayfarer.168 views
CounterAct Power supply mounted under brake lines 534.JPG
CounterAct Power supply mounted under brake lines.178 viewsThis top view shows where I located the power supply. It is attached with 3M sticky to the black plastic surface that is located under the brake lines.

When the system is operating properly, the red LED pulses about twice per second.
Some users claim they can hear a very slight hum or whine coming from the unit. My unit seems silent.
Mines1 viewsCroatia January 2015
crah11 (Large).jpg
Not much left of bonnet!276 viewsCrash in a Renault Scenic
Head on colition with a Nissan Terrano he lost control came over the central reservation & ended coming at us sideways!
We hit him in the back wheel arch & spun him around so he then hit my drivers side, I walked away having a air bag wife had broken solder coursed by the seat belt, but it did save her life!
Our car was trashed but it did its gob (was only 2 weeks old!) the bonnet tacking lots of energy out of the collision & the inertia staying relatively in tacked.
AlexE and CarlS coming over the top118 views
AlexE and CarlS coming over the top125 views
Cromodora brand marking on inside of spoke.296 viewsThis is the Cromodora brand marking on the inside of the 6 spoke 19" wheels, Land Rover part number ALY72191U. Similar brand markings are cast onto the inside surface of the spokes on all Land Rover Cromodora wheels.
E-DOT and Japan wheel acceptance marking on ten spoke wheels.301 viewsThese are the E-DOT and Japanese wheel acceptance markings on the inside of one of the ten spokes of the 8J x 18" wheel, Land Rover part number ALY72190U or RRC500250xxx where xxx is the colour number, in this case, MNH for Sparkle Silver. There are similar markings on all Cromodora wheels for the 3.
Cross Bar with missing slider178 views
Cubby fridge installed in 10 minutes44 views
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