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low profile solar panel166 viewsThe low profile solar panel, can be seen here, as the fine white line under the light bar. The way it's laid out, the panel should generate decent power between 10am and 4pm depending on the time of year, from the sides or front, with no shadows. Grape Solar 100W flex panel.
56 viewsOne bolt is visible at the front, but the other two are down the left hand side and best accessed by removing the small plastic guard behind the bumper. I also removed the small metal radiator guard between the bumper and the main sump guard (but that was mostly to retrieve the spanner I dropped!). The only issue with removing the plastic guard is the stupid plastic clips that hold it on may need to be replaced.
Disco conversion 018.jpg
Inner lid256 viewsStorage compartment, front, under subframe.
GOE Bash Plates116 viewsGreen Oval Experience Bash Plates. Front, Transmission and Compressor.
Might have to mod the front one a bit to let air into the trans cooler, it sits over the outside of the ARB bar which has vents for the cooler. If I cut slots in the Allow Plate to match those might do the trick.

I added a rear bolt to the Compressor Plate as it looked like it could get hooked on something and tear off. Two bolts onto the slider and two up onto the chassis now.
40 viewsFront Grill Conversion
IMGP0099 small.JPG
Any space for a .....254 viewsAgain, not \'PJ\', but there was still space for two of us in the front, and good collection of stands etc.
460 viewsFirst step in the journey, installed USB ports.
At the time I installed these, the goal was to use them in combination with the car-computer that resided in the back.
In the meanwhile, I dismantled the car-computer and nearly everything that was connected to it (touchscreen front, Wifi, DVB-T ...).
I kept the USB outlets in the front and turned them into charger for the appliances missus brings with her when we're on holiday. Mainly her iPod and smartphone ...
LR3 tech-wheel terms.gif
Wheel cut thru definitions and specs837 viewsNote the location of REAR SPACING and also OFFSET; probably two of the most important dimensions and not always understood as related to wheel size and relationship to the brake components.

For the 3, Rear Spacing is approximately 6.5 inches or 165 mm for a nominal 8" rim. Offset is 53P or 53mm Positive, which means the distance from the machined hub flat mounting surface to the rim's true centreline is 53 mm in the outboard direction. (The rim illustrated has a negative offset.)

As Positive offset increases, this means the wheel wraps around the disc brake mechanism more deeply, and hence the more the wheel would cover the brake parts. This is why most 18" wheels will not fit with the larger Brembo "supercharged engine" brake calipers.
Pitch circle diameter is 120mm; Pattern is 5 lug, and the tyre load rating is 112 with a recommended tyre speed rating of H or higher along with the XL load rating. For the 3, the stock tyre diameter is about 30 inches. The 255/60/18 or 255/55/19 OEM tyre outside diameter is 30.04 inches; Wheel lug torque is from 130 to 150 Nm or 96 to 110 lbf-ft and the lug nut hex socket size is 22mm.

Max Load High Speed Driving Tyre pressures are Front, 33 psig, (230 Kpa) and Rear, 42 psig, (290 Kpa).

The OEM rims are rated at 940 kgs, the highest that LR makes, hence while rims from other Land Rover products may physically fit, the odds are they are under rated in a weight sense.
LR3 Brake Wear Sensor Wiring1282 viewsThis 1 page wiring diagram pdf shows that both the front and rear brake pad wear sensors are part of a closed series circuit to ground.

In operation, when all is good, the series circuit is grounded and the amber brake wear warning indicator on the instrument panel is not illuminated.

When the pads on one wheel, either the left front, or right rear, become too worn, the respective sensor is "cut" which results in an open circuit condition. This causes the dash brake wear indicator to illuminate.

The circuit is like the old style Christmas light strings where one burned out bulb caused the whole string to go out.

A quick field fix to get the dash light to extinguish in lieu of replacing the sensor and pads etc is to disconnect the brake pad wear sensor and short across the two open conductors of the vehicle side connector plug. This of course means you now have a normal vehicle, one of the thousands that do not feature brake pad wear information systems.
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