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Crossing the Pentecost River.jpg
D3 in the Kimberley - on the Gibb River Road, crossing the Pentecost River49 viewsNot too far in on the Western end of the Gibb River Road is the Pentecost River, with the ranges in the back ground - an iconic shot of the Gibb River Road.
Animation of suspension in different positions65 viewsAccess, Normal, Off-road, Extended Mode and (partial) Super-Extended Mode
38 viewsGoing nowhere fast, Daviot to Wartle road, Aberdeenshire 23/1/13
Disco3-4 Tyre Pressures.pdf
Suggested Tyre Pressures75 viewsTyre pressures used onroad and offroad, using both OEM HT and Goodyear MTR tyres.
Lead Car Entering the Finish114 views7 May 2007 - My D3 on duty as lead car in shinfield 10K road race. what a nightmare driving at low speed in the rain. Clock was mounted on standard crossbars. connection to additional batteries in boot cable thru side window. There is a small offroad section (actually an un-made road) Oaklands Road, Shinfield, Reading (suggest anyone test driving in the Reading area take this road)
DSC00527 (Small).JPG
Off Road, New York style310 views
Cooper Discoverer STT tyre on 17" rim297 viewsNew Cooper Discoverer STT 246/70 R17 tyres. 80% off road, 20% on road.
94 viewsLiterally 12 miles of bad road, the best kind of bad...
Highland 4WD Run Oct 09 A Climb sm.jpg
Highland 4WD Club Run 2009.74 viewsWhen we go offroad, we GO offroad!
off road, yes81 views
Along Gibb River Road, Kimberley, WA, Australia132 views
End of Gibb River Road, Kimberley, WA, Australia174 views
LR Moniack Mhor
It\'s Where We Live. Down in the valley..70 viewsMoniack Mhor on the Kiltarlity to Abriachan road, Inverness-hire, looking due west.
End of the road, 40 miles of flat snow to the other side..127 views
End of the road, glacier ahead...121 views
Land Rover Discovery 4 HSE descends Rudland Rigg81 viewsLand Rover Discovery 4 HSE descends Rudland Rigg. George (GSLRO) watches me down the steps on Rudland Rigg
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