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Jökulsárglúfur National Park107 views
Driving in Jökulsárglúfur National Park102 views
Road junction in Jökulsárglúfur National Park108 views
01 Disco 3 rev3.jpg
Disco 3 TDV6 GSLE74 viewsLimited Edition. Parking sensors front & rear, Full body skirts with chrome trim fog lights, Twin chrome tail pipes,
italien truck parked up in docks87 views
02 Back o Bourke near Darling River~0.jpg
02 Last Photo before the little wheel problem saga221 viewsThis is my D3 with trailer on the banks of the Darling River, literally "back of Bourke" (the regional definition of the start of the Australian Outback). We were the first vehicle in a week to try and drive this route from Bourke to Wilcannia on the account of floods (first water in 7 years). Little did we know that 3 hours later there\'d be a bit of a wheel and tyre problem appearing...
03 Changing the flat.jpg
03 First bit of tyre/wheel trouble243 viewsIn the outback a tyre suddenly blew. "No worries" we thought, as we had 3 spares (+ two more if we abandoned the trailer), 150l of water, 3 days of food, and an EPIRB if things got really bad. At the time I didn\'t fully appreciate the fact that my index got a blister from the burning heat of one of the wheel nuts. It was 45 deg C at the time, so everything was hot.
03 Changing the flat~0.jpg
03 The first bit of tyre/wheel problem249 viewsSomewhere in the Australian outback on a 45 deg C day in Jan 08, a D3 had a bit of a flat tyre problem. "No worries, mate" st we had 3 spares (plus 2 more if we abandon the trailer), 150l of water, 4 days of food, and an EPIRB if things really go crook. The first clue that this was not a "normal" flat was when I handled a wheel nut and ended up with a blister from a burning hot nut (the ambient wasn\'t THAT hot).
06 Hot Axle Bolts.jpg
06 Spare tyre on and still suffering from hot wheel nuts296 viewsManaged to get ultra hot wheel nuts back on the spare (using the original 19" D3 wheel, vs the 19" RRS wider wheel which blew - shown in left of photo). Pity we didn\'t note that the disk brake was EXTREMELY hot at this time.
07 Back of flat tyre is ok.jpg
07 Back side of failed tyre339 viewsThis is the back of the blown tyre. It looks like any other worn tyre which has run a bit while flat. Note that we were running on wider 19" RRS wheels (have 4 19" MTRs + 1 old A/T on the original 5 wheels). Also have a rear-mount spare tyre holder which is really convenient with the wider rim and the fact that the tyre was still hot (it had some melted rubber on the other side!!)
08 End of road with seized wheel.jpg
08 D3 stranded with a seized smoking wheel314 viewsAbout 1 hr after replacing the blown tyre, strange noises emanated from the stability control system and speed dropped off. Then I looked in the rear view mirror, and noted a cloud of dust along with a whiff of black smoke. This led to a very quick stop (no traffic on this route for over a week, so no worries about having to signal exiting the road). Took a look and WOW. The right rear wheel was glowing a dull red colour, and burning rubber smoke was wafting from the red glow over the fuel lines.
Parking module112 views
09 Removing disk brake.jpg
09 Starting to remove the seized brake assembly295 viewsBy this time we\'d poured about 8l of water on the dull-red glowing and burning wheel assembly (too close to 140l of 98 octane petrol). Sudden cooling cracked the disk brake which showed mangled park brake parts. How to remove a brake disk without the right star fitting? First remove the caliper then get a sledge hammer?!!
10 note cracked disk brake.jpg
10 Cracked smoking parking brake drum337 viewsNote the crack in the face of the brake. This showed mangled parking brake springs and other bits. Also a bit of melted rubber was drooling out of the crack. Started to remove the brake caliper and enjoying the flies in 45 deg C heat. Ah, the wonderful Aussie climate in January.
New Defender32 viewsNew Defender at National Trust park on route back home.
New Defender40 viewsNew Defender at National Trust park on route back home.
You can tell its new, its too shiny. Never looked like that again!
The old Trooper parked outside the house in 2009.17 views
11 gently removing the disk for 4 hours.jpg
11 Lesson in removing a jammed brake assembly in the Outback377 viewsSpent the next 4 hours doing this to my D3. Gave the photos to Land Rover dealer and they did not think this constituted abuse of the vehicle. I thought that was charitable, but if we hadn\'t done this, the tow back to civilisation would have been even longer.
Walk in the park350 views
12 3Kg 2.JPG
12.3 kg159 viewsKlasierie dam bordering Kruger park.
12 Two hrs of hammering later.jpg
12 Half way through removing a jammed disk brake in the Outback296 viewsThis was just before breaking the sledge hammer. Note we luckily carried a spare hammer. Ended up using (or breaking) every tool we had on this little repair job. Bed sheets are a good way of gathering the bits to show for the inevitable warranty claim.
13 Thank goodness for a spare hammer.jpg
13 How to care for tools302 viewsWhat happened to the sledge hammer after 2 hours of beating my seized and cracked disk/park brake assembly to bits. Now down to 1 hammer remaining. At least by this time it was getting cooler (down to 40 deg C)
Virgin Snow109 viewsWent for a play in some new snow so I could practice and get my driving style right on close to zero friction surfces. Hard to tell from this photo, but car is parked on a 1:6 slope heading uphill, with hard packed ice under the fresh snow covering. I stopped here to practice my hill starts on ice...I was there for some time :)
14 Long shadows 3 hrs later.JPG
14 "Are we having fun yet?"347 viewsSWMBO is pondering why attempting to drive 3,900 kms across the outback on dirt roads is more fun than, say, spending New Years in Paris......
52 viewsSlight dink in parking sensor, caused by under sied trailor. Stops parking sensors from working and didnt see it. Bloody thing!! Parking snsor still working perfectly normal.
D3 TDV6 HSE100 viewsFirst picturer of my Disco at Mallory Park Race Circiut during a test day for our Racing Bike ;-) I Love It..
15 First view of warped drum brake.jpg
15 First sign of bits of parking brake failure334 viewsNote the complete lack of pad from the parking brake. Not only was there no composite brake material left, but the drum was somewhat twisted and connecting bits all smashed. Also a small drip of melted rubber from wheel bearing parts....
16 Everything knocked off wheel.jpg
16 All the remains of a D3\'s parking brake369 viewsAfter 4 hours of hammering, finally removed the disk/park brake drum, and nearly all the parking brake bits fell to the ground. Cut rhe remaining brake cable loose as it was wrapped around the hub and a bit melted. Also having 2 jacks + 2 jack stands will support 4 hrs of hammering on the side of my D3.
Do Not Park Trucks On Railway Lines!181 views
18 Time to start driving slowly with 3 brakes.jpg
18 Brake "repairs" finished at sunset293 viewsWe just finished the repair at sunset and were driving slowly with 3 brakes. Oddly the D3 didn\'t behave any differently at 50 km/hr than it did normally. We had 4 instances of hitting the (3) skids for kangaroos before arriving in Wilcannia 3 hrs later. The brake light warning was making very distinctive noises and flashing randomly, though.
Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team Land Rover Defender 11019 views
The Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team Land Rover7 views
Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team Vehicle8 views
Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team Land Rover12 views
2008-11-01 - Reynold_s River, Litchfield National Park 076.jpg
D3 in Litchfield National Park, on another part of the Reynolds Track50 viewsAnother shot of the flood plains and the magnetic trmite mounds.
2008-11-16 - Mary River National Park 033.jpg
D3 in the Mary River Flood plains47 viewsIn this part of the world, on the flood plains out to Kakadu, you never get out to wade a creek first as the theory says you should. If the water isn\'t clear, like it was on this causeway, and it is this wide, you either wait for someone else who is braver than you to cross first, or you turn around and go home. These rivers are full of estuarine (salt-water) crocodiles, and they are starting to reach 7 metres in size in some still rare instances. However, seeing as a 2.5m crocodile can kill a grown man,
2008-12-26 - Djukbinj National Park, Boxing Day 2008 040.jpg
D3 in the Mary River Flood plains48 viewsFamily was down South with the In-laws, so I went for a drive on Boxing Day - which is the monsoon time, or \'The Wet\'. Was doing a test run with the off-raod trailer in preparation for the trip I was planning to the Kimberley six months later. Couldn\'t quite make it out of the creek, so a self-recovery was in order. Good thing it all worked, as I didn\'t see another car in over four hours. They were too smart to drive down the track I was on!
2009-04-13 - Red Centre 168~0.jpg
D3 in the Red Centre51 viewsParked opposite Uluru, or Ayres Rock, in April 2009. This is autumn in this part of the world, and the desert is getting cold over night, so there is a brisk wind blowing at sunrise.
2009-06-08 - Alligator Billabong, Kakadu National Park 073.jpg
D3 in Kakadu National Park, on the track into the Alligator Billabong47 viewsThis whle area is down on the flood-plain, so in the Wet it is all under a few inches of water. In the dry it has a hard but brittle surface, which is then chewed up in many places by the feral animals with hard hoofs such as buffalo, pigs and horses. This then turns the track into a big dust bowl which is primarily bull-dust - a soft fine powder like talcum powder, which can be many feet deep, and gets into everything. The cover on the trailer is actually black.
97 viewsAll 4 switches in place.
Driver's side switches are:
. Parking sensors master switch
. Reverse camera off/on/reverse-tiggered
Passenger side switches are:
. CarPC off/on/ignition-triggered
. 12V Regulator off/on/ignition-triggered
these brands not permitted to park22 views
My Disco 4 HSE32 viewsUnwashed...blame outdoor LHR T1 2 week parking!!
Shouldn't every pub car park look like this83 views@ The Carew Arms Crowcombe Somerset
Shouldn't every pub car park look like this!87 views@ The Carew Arms Crowcombe Somerset
G4 Challenge92 viewsSpotted in Chelmsford Meadows Carpark 29th July
2015-05-09 09.33.jpg
The Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team Land Rover4 viewsDelta Defender
2015-05-09 14.jpg
The Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team4 viewsDelta Defender
2015-05-09 15.30.jpg
The Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team4 viewsDelta Defender
Lunar Ultima parked next to Disco 410 views2015 Lunar Ultima & Disco 4
Thread upload14 viewsImage uploaded in thread 154700
PDC Front and Rear37 views
My D3 in the snow in the Radisson Blu Durham Car Park56 views
My D3 in the snow in the Radisson Blu Durham Car Park64 views
2nd Journey -  Fetch kitchen worktop.JPG
291 viewsNeeded 1.8m of worktop but had to buy 3m length. Took B&D workmate with me and cut it down to size in the car park! Notice how the workmate is exactly level with D3 in normal height!
Thread upload7 viewsImage uploaded in thread 188247
270 viewsCALENDAR 2011 ENTRY
This is in Puerto Rico. LR3 parked in the shade while we hang-out at a secluded beach that can only be accessed in 4x4.
8 3Kg  2.jpg
12.3 kg128 viewsKlasierie dam bordering Kruger park.
FOR SALE - ONE OFF Land Rover Disco 3 36 viewsOne of a kind Landrover Discovery TDV6 HSE LUX Model 5 door automatic 4x4 diesel evo blue. Upgrades: sidesteps, roof rails, privacy glass, front and rear heated seats/elec seats, landrover tv and headphones, 7 seater black leather, piano black dash/steering wheel, built in fridge, 6 disc changer, sat nav and bluetooth, harman kardon premium entertainment pack, by-xenon adaptive headlights , cruise control and front and rear park distance control, panoramic electric glass roof, 22inch alloy wheels, body kit
Alone in the Park.jpg
winters kiss168 views
Alone in the Park~0.jpg
2008 Calendar Entry - D3 go mad in Cornwall657 viewsMy D3 just above Pendower beach on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall in August 2007. Wife and kids are out of shot.... standing in the road to prevent other cars parking!!
blackpool caravan holiday 111.JPG
12 viewsa few pics of my tincan and old freelander, also a 1980's ford escort and caravan i saw in blackpool , and a huge motorhome parked near us in chester.
Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, USA186 views
Thread upload7 viewsImage uploaded in thread 175019
OLD VERSION Please check folder for newer. Bodsy's Brake Bible V1.2a6357 views
Box Closed with 7 Blade NAS connectors520 viewsBox closed up and ready for use. The box and cable connectors are reasonably weather tight and hence can be submerged for a bit while doing a creek crossing but as with the 3, do not use the creek bed as a parking stall. Similarly, the connector recessed into the bumper will probably remain somewhat dry as long as you keep moving but if you get stopped, well that is another story.

As such, I put a vial of desiccant in the metal box prior to closing it up to reduce corrosion due to moisture build up.
car park.jpg
Kielder D3 Safari122 viewsMonkside 513m - Kielder, Northumberland. G4 Discovery 3
Funny who you meet in the car park....220 viewsParked in a stupid place this lunchtime...
...and guess who parked next to me?
Tiltshifted78 views
The Disco3 Squad, Saturday Morning213 viewsA stitch together of two photos showing all sixteen vehicles read for the off out and about in the Peak District on 1st July
Sill protectors 2734 viewsThe side protection bar comes out a good 170mm. Prevents side panel damage and car-park knocks! Still deciding whether to fit the chequerplate tops, as originally designed.
Thread upload0 viewsImage uploaded in new thread
Comparison with X5122 viewsAfter the training - couldn´t resist parking next to the x5...
Parked at Innamincka Hotel75 views
E-DOT and Japan wheel acceptance marking on ten spoke wheels.299 viewsThese are the E-DOT and Japanese wheel acceptance markings on the inside of one of the ten spokes of the 8J x 18" wheel, Land Rover part number ALY72190U or RRC500250xxx where xxx is the colour number, in this case, MNH for Sparkle Silver. There are similar markings on all Cromodora wheels for the 3.
Part number moulded into spoke of 18" ten spoke. 285 viewsThis part number, RRC500250XXX is moulded into the backside of one of the spokes of the ten spoke 18" wheel. An alternate part number is ALY72190U or ALY72190U85 which relates to year and finish.

Another number is RRC500250MNH where MNH is also the finish, probably Sparkle Silver.
154 viewsParked up on Ullswater shore
D3  Extra lamp by PARKING BRAKE.jpg
D3 at  wormhill 030shrunk.jpg
who keeps parking that jap thing in the way?41 views
D3 in Gona.jpg
Gona Re Zhou Nationat Park Zimbabwe46 viewsThis is where I got stuck with the Defender in 2009...
fit to park out front now, put Aston in hayshed92 views
Fit to park out front now78 views
D3 at Knowsley Safari Park68 views
Collection of EPB instructions & PDF\'s of Brake Posts642 viewsAll you need to change your brake pads or Brake Disks as well as adjuusting the Electronic Parking Brake. Includes the bedding in process for EPB pads
Silver XS D3 July 201242 views
D3 XS in Burrs Country Park47 views
D3 XS in Burrs Country Park53 views
D4 CCF Parking heater.jpg
Disco3 on the move in Dangalli Conservation Park - at speed (south of Yunta)174 viewsMusic heard in video is from the stero blasting away inside the Disco - and yes...that was a cattle grid being crossed at the start :-)
Danggali Conservation Park (south of Yunta)148 views
Defender spotted in Ledbury,Landrover Car Park.jpg
Discos Utah Beach.JPG
2 Discos Meet at Utah Beach92 viewsSpending the day on Utah Beach, Normandy, went to get something from my Disco (on the left) and found a French Disco parked opposite...Way cool...
Thread upload3 viewsImage uploaded in thread 150447
Thread upload13 viewsImage uploaded in thread 151102
Disco 3 at Oulton Park 28th May 2005913 viewsDifferent Disco 3 at the VSCC Oulton Park meeting
Disco 3 at Oulton Park 28th May 2005778 viewsDisco 3 towcar at VSCC Oulton Park meeting 2005
Last river crossing - leaving the Deua National Park103 views
Map of park on way to Yerranderrie51 views
Tony686 & NeVeTaS In Kings Forest Country Park289 views
DSC00931 (Custom).JPG
Parked in Leamington831 views
DSC00943 (Small).JPG
Pilanesberg national park July 2006156 viewsWaterbuck
Real everyday use of 4*4: got a parking slot456 views No other car than 4*4 could have used this parking slot..
Blue Mountains National Park137 views
Big Bend142 viewsBig Bend National Park, TX
Big Bend102 viewsBig Bend National Park, TX
Big Bend100 viewsBig Bend National Park, TX US
Big Bend89 viewsBig Bend National Park, TX
Greenlaning Yorkshire Dales National Park220 views
Car parking Japan style! (not sure its Disco sized or rated though...)141 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Grass/mud track section116 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Grass/mud track section129 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Grass/mud track section125 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Claudia frightened of the hills164 views..her friend wasn't
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Dropping into the stream151 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Driving in the stream136 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Driving in the stream156 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Grass/mud track section152 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Grass/mud track section145 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Grass/mud track section147 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - Princess Anne\'s house154 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06 - our group179 views
Gatcombe Park, 09/06205 views
Slate mine car park134 views
Parked up on Ullswater shore31 views
DSC_0537 resized~0.jpg
Tan Hill Car Park 1-3-200982 views
Of course can park here!!82 views
Epping Hotel.jpg
LHS circle - park here; RHS circle - drink here!105 views
Etosha Okakuejo_web.JPG
Etosha National Park - Okakuejo waterhole65 views
View from the Fairmile Carpark of 9 members cars193 viewsRange Rover Au Poivre had turned up by now - VA was having seat as well as steak sauce problems! I think we had 2 more turn up after this photo was taken
Fraser Island - Eli Creek Carpark.jpg
GCOS construction circa 1968 albert023.jpg
Series LR at Oil Sands Plant in Northern Canada circa 1968683 viewsThis is an end of shift picture taken about 1968 at the Great Canadian Oil Sands (GCOS) plant while under construction in the Ft McMurray area of Northern Canada.

I was surprised to see the yellow coloured Series single cab hardtop pickup parked in about the centre of the picture. I would say it is one of the few on site as most vehicles were Chevrolet's, (as are the other three trucks elsewhere in the view). The yellow painted vehicles including the Land Rover are most likely Bechtel owned - not leased - yes, that long ago now.
Graveside Gorge, Kakadu National Park - track in.jpg
D3 in Kakadu National Park, on the track into Graveside Gorge51 viewsKakadu National Park is in a World Heritage area, with the entrance about 3 hours out of Darwin. It took another hour to get to the un-marked track into Graveside Gorge, which then took three hours to travel the 41km in. Not a tough track, but a series of big wash-outs with very deep and soft sand in the creek beds made driving fun. The most amazing thing, was that we had the whole place to ourselves. No marked tracks, so bushwalking involved blazing a trail using GPS and topo maps to find the way.
Graveside Gorge, Kakadu National Park - track in~0.jpg
Calendar 2010 - D3 at Kakadu National Park274 viewsCalender 2010. D3 on the track into Graveside Gorge, Kakadu National Park.
Park Brake wiring73 views
Thread upload21 viewsImage uploaded in thread 91299
Sure that wasn't there in front of me when I parked up last night ????153 views
Narpy Style Grille - By Beanie82 viewsBeanie made custom grille. Bonnatti grey with Shadow Chrome/BMW Sparkling Graphite insert.
My Dolomite Sprint Hyde Park 198274 views
Departing Peckforton Car park11 views
Parking unit13 views
Castleton Car Park. Just us!15 views
LR experience Day Cheshire32 viewsGood company in the car park
Park11 views
@ Quick Park, Dublin45 views
Picture of the engine compartment fuse panel5127 viewsEngine compartment fuse panel located near the battery. This is where F3E, (5 amp), F26E, (20 amp), Fuseable link 10E, (60 amp) and Relay 7E, the now upgraded 70 amp air compressor motor relay, part number YWB500220, (E is for Engine compartment fuse box), are all located. Fuse F35P, (5 amp), is inside the Passenger compartment behind the lower glove box door.

To keep the suspension from going down to the stops when driving, (or parked), it appears that it is only really necessary to remove F26E to depower the exhaust valve and generally keep all the valve block solenoid valves in a closed position trapping whatever air is within the air springs. F3E gets its power thru F26E, so when F26E is removed, the F3E circuit is automatically de-powered. F35P is more interesting in that battery power goes thru the ignition switch and F35P and then into the air suspension control unit. Apparently however, if F26E is removed, removing the F35P is not needed even when the engine is running.

With all fuses still in, if you have a problem, in practice, ideally, the compressor still works and will raise the 3 to an appropriate height. If so, one can then shut the engine off and allow the computers to go to sleep and then you remove the fuse(s). In actual practice, it seems that one need only pull the F26E fuse and can do so with the engine running. All the same, one might consider that the 3 is first a mobile computer, and secondly a 4x4. Computers prefer to go to sleep before the plug is pulled on them, however given that F26E circuit is always alive, then the computer never sleeps. With the fuse(s) pulled, and if you are still up, you can now be a 4x4 instead of a low rider. The whole purpose of the fuse pulling exercise is to depower the one and only system exhaust valve that is physically located within the compressor unit, (to keep it from opening), and secondarily to keep closed the four air spring solenoids within the block valves. This also shuts the air compressor down and stops the air compressor from making air even if the compressor is still good. That is why you initially need the fuse(s) in to allow the compressor to make air if it can.
Willandra National Park May 2007173 views
The drought breakers? Parkes May 2007133 views
Glen Nevis240 viewsOn our tour of the Highlands and the Isle of Skye we ended up on a road that didn't seem to be on the map. It took us right up through Glen Nevis and then just carried on and on to the Falls of Steil (apologies if spelt incorrectly). The falls were amazing and were only about 1KM walk from where we ended up parking the Disco.
Sunday, December 4th, 2011 at 7a.m. in Amboseli National Park, Kenya (East Africa)212 viewsThe top of Mt. Kilimanjaro showed it self for 15 minutes in the morning and my buddy snapped this picture of me and my Disco 3 from a Defender while on a morning game drive
Park Release33 views
Park Release24 views
Sparkle in the sun427 viewsTaken at Boughrood on the charity training day. higher res image available.
D3 mayhem185 viewsQuiet pub car park - NOT!
Big Bend81 viewsBig Bend National Park, TX
Hidden Parking in France44 viewsThe Ultimate Undercover Disco
Big Bend72 viewsBig Bend National Park, TX
Clumber Park139 views
Clumber Park18 views
Clumber Park15 views
Clumber Park16 views
Clumber Park14 views
My New Disco4 Parked at the back of the dealers.179 views
Just park up after picking up84 views
In the chairlift company car-park153 views
New to me MY11 Disco 427 viewsMy new to me Disco 4 in white, parked nex to the wife's FL2.
49 viewsWe are parking our car at the beach near the swimming pool of Krossnes, Strandir coast, Westfjords
6 viewsNo buttons to press, simply stick it in reverse! This camera is also great @ night. More pictures to follow later this evening, so happy when I was done I just wanted to reverse in & out of car parks lol
philips d1s ultrablue upgrade hid xenon bulbs hids4u74 viewsThese bulbs have a whiter light than standard and a blue coating gives a blue tint from a distance and at the edge of the light beam when parked against a wall.
IMG_2650 [1024x768]~0.JPG
The parking is FULL, :-) no problem with my D3_1146 views
IMG_2651 [1024x768].JPG
The parking is FULL, :-) no problem with my D3_2143 views
IMG_2653 [1024x768].JPG
The parking is FULL, :-) no problem with my D3_3157 views
IMG_2654 [1024x768].JPG
The parking is FULL, :-) no problem with my D3_4129 views
Who\'s parking space?107 views
My new toy190 viewsStraight from the dealer to the car park.
I have the screen lightly wedged between the rubber mat and the bottom of the ashtray566 viewsI plan to create a wooden block to attach the screen to and use foam tape (sticky on both sides) to hold it in. However, so far it hasn\'t moved and the ashtray is completely useable (for my parking meter quarters).
IMG_6383 (Medium).JPG
Looking across the Cunene river into Namibia. The dunes are in the Skeleton Coast National Park, Namibia157 viewsPicture taken by Paulo Fernandes
Lechwe in Mahangu Nat park Namibia34 views
Two nice cars at the parking line 04/2005455 views
In the driveway (Custom).JPG
Urban Disco525 viewsCALENDAR 2008 ENTRY

Parked up in the driveway after a wash.
By CY.
Stormy day in Islay493 viewsCALANDER ENTRY - Summer (?) holiday on Isle of Islay, Scotland. Good weather generally, but a storm came through mid-week. Car is parked at the end of the pier at Port Charlotte, looking towards Bowmore (!).

Sorry not much of a background or good light - but it was a storm. Oh and this is the highest res image I have, 5mp.
Jeep Commander, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado155 viewsA 5.7 litre V8 330bhp POS!
When you plant the throttle, engine noise just gets louder, nothing else happens!
Parking50 views
Kurtis and Kangaroos1.jpg
Kangaroos in the caravan park - Halls Gap156 views
PARKING_HEATER_UPGRADE_KIT27 viewsHow to upgrade the water piping
227 viewsL322 Side : sparkling as news !Bonatti grey on grey leather, Vogue ... all the toys of course !
Defender parking100 views
Expecting Snow?255 viewsSpotted in the work car park the day heavy snow was forecast...
Upgrade manual FBH to parking heater30 viewsManual to upgrade FBH to full parking heater functionality
Translated in English from an official German language factory manual.
Litchfield National Park, Surprise Creek track.jpg
D3 in Litchfield National Park, on the Reynolds Track44 viewsThis track takes you through the bottom half og the Litcfield National Park, and because the track has some deep creek crossings it keeps the numbers down, seeing as it is only 90 minutes out of Darwin. It is a flood plain between two long ranges and has numerous \'Magnetic termite\' Mounds.
LR3 Air Conditioner drain tubes.jpg
LR3 Air Conditioner Drain Tubes behind centre console1652 viewsThis shows the two air conditioner drain tubes located left and right under the radio stack.

The tube on the left side, (steering wheel side, LHD), disattached itself and the carpet on the floor under the gas pedal etc became soaked. I think rain water from outside that comes in the outside cowl vents also exits via the tubes as I first noticed the carpet was wet after parking outside during a big rain storm.

It was relatively easy to slide up and reattach the rubber hose that runs from the rectangular shaped plastic discharge hole(s) of the heater "pan" down along the transmission hump area and thru the floor pan. There is a hose on each side of the transmission hump, but only one hose had let go on my 3. The rubber hoses just slide over the rectangular plastic openings of the two heater housing drain outlets.

To get at each drain hose, remove the vertical sort of triangle carpeted piece below each side of the radio stack. The triangles of carpet will just pull away as each is held on with those metal U clips Land Rover so likes. Dislodge each triangle at least sufficiently to get ones hand in to slide the rubber hose back on.

You will rarely see AC water on the ground as the front drains pour onto a metal underside protection skid plate and the rear drain onto the top of the left rear muffler.
LR3 Air Valve Shut off switch close up 7.JPG
Air Suspension ECU Fuse 35P cut off switch.3458 viewsThis shows the SPST rocker switch mounted in the blank plate installed in lieu of a manual passenger side air bag shut down switch - now automatic via passenger seat pressure switch. Fuse 35P (5 amps) is located in the interior fuse box behind the lower glove box and protects the ignition power supply to the Air Suspension ECU. When the SPST switch is moved to the OFF position, the RAISE /LOWER switch on the centre console is not powered, and hence does not function. As such, some signals from the wheel height sensors and CPU are ignored. By itself however, removing F35P will probably not stop the 3 from self dropping, particularly after the engine is turned off.

Fuse F3E, (5 amps), located in the engine bay fuse box by the starting battery protects the circuit that provides feedback to the Air System ECU indicating that the Compressor Relay has successfully operated and that the Air Compressor is or should be operational, can also be removed, (but is probably not totally necessary), as it gets its power thru F26E. Hence Fuse F26E, (20 amp), also located in the engine compartment fuse box is the fuse that must be removed. This fuse protects the circuit that provides full time battery power to the Air System ECU. When in place, current thru the fuse powers the periodic re-levelling action, (usually lowering a bit with that brief air release noise), that often occurs when the vehicle is parked and the engine is off.

Removing F26E fuse will stop the auto levelling action and also inhibit any other down to the stops signals, (engine running or not). When F26E is removed, no power can flow thru to F3E, hence removing F3E is more for insurance than an absolute requirement. The same with F35P, removing F26E removes primary full time power from the Air Suspension ECU, and hence removing the F35P fuse should not really be required either as long as F26E has been removed.
LR3 Frazier Park 1.jpg
Frazier Park54 views
LR3 Frazier Park 2.jpg
Frazier Park50 views
LR3 Parking Space.JPG
LR3 Parking Space79 viewsMy car was pooping mud all night long from my countryside escapade. :)
LR3 Sparkle Silver   6 spoke Wheel Cromodora of Italy 19 inch x 8  ALY72191U.gif
LR3 Sparkle Silver 6 spoke Wheel Cromodora of Italy 19 inch x 8 ALY72191U1049 viewsThese are the standard equipment 19" wheels on the 2005 LR3 HSE. The wheels are Made in Italy by the Cromodora company. Each are rated at 940 kg (2,072 pounds) and have an offset of 53 mm positive, (53P or +53).

I mention the 940 kg load rating as that is about the heaviest rating of any Land Rover product. The RRS and RRHSE both have lower ratings. What this means is that while a wheel from a Range Rover may physically fit, it probably does not have the brute strength of the factory spec Land Rover 3 wheel. There is no Land Rover product heavier than the 3, hence the 3 wheel design spec is the heaviest of the bunch.
LR3 Sparkle Silver 10 spoke Wheel Cromodora of Italy 18 inch x 8  ALY72190U.jpg
LR3 Sparkle Silver 10 spoke Wheel Cromodora of Italy 18 inch x 8 ALY72190U664 viewsThese wheels are factory standard on the 2005 LR3 SE and Made in Italy by the Cromodora company. Each wheel is rated at 940 kg (2,072 pounds) and has an offset of 53 mm positive, (53P or +53).

I mention the 940 kg load rating as that is about the heaviest rating of any Land Rover product. The RRS and RRHSE both have lower ratings. What this means is that while a wheel from a Range Rover may physically fit, it probably does not have the brute strength of the factory spec Land Rover 3 wheel. There is no Land Rover product heavier than the 3, hence the 3 wheel design spec is the heaviest of the bunch.
LR3 Underhood Fuse and Relay Box relay ID 117334879.gif
Underhood Fuse and Relay Box drawing 2798 viewsShows the various fuse and relay locations. Fuse 3E, (5 amp), and Fuse 26E, (20 amp), as well as upgraded 70 amp Relay 7, part number YWB500220, locations are displayed. Relay 7 sends battery power to the compressor from the 60 amp fusible link called up as 10E. Fuse 26E is what provides full time always on battery power to the air suspension ECU and hence powers the auto level wakeup when the vehicle is shut down and say parked for the night. Removing F26E is the primary method to disable the air suspension system; Removing F35P is more if you want to experiment with it from inside.

I found it useful when I had a suspension problem, (actually a wheel alignment problem picked up by the steering wheel angle sensor), that only showed itself on the highway but allowed for no trouble light driving in the city. This was because in the city, the steering wheel was always in motion and rarely was the vehicle driven in a near straight line for very much distance.
G4 Challenge75 viewsSpotted in Chelmsford Meadows Carpark 29th July
solo steep gravel stop = park brake plus reverse on shifter331 viewsso our disco II\'s locked all 4 wheels with brake but now the modern lr3 slides away with only the park brake!!!! 1. put auto shifter in reverse (low gear) with foot on brake, 2. apply park brake, 3. get out and snap photo incase something fails and it slides away ;)

I reversed up the hill from this position, system decided to engage extended heigh mode for some reason trying to gain traction on loose surface.
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Discovery3 V828 viewsa friend\'s Disco3 tackles a deep patch of mud inside a National Park.
LTB00145 - Technical Bulletin - Remove & Install Parking Brake Cables76 views
LTB00189 - Technical Bulletin - Remove and Install Parking Brake Actuator89 views
LTB00354 - Technical Bulletin - Parking Brake Shoe Lining Adjustment119 views
63 viewsThe cover that you remove to access the cable, for manual release of the electronic parking brake.
matthewCANADA 012.jpg
54 viewsStanley Park Vancouver
mids meet 002shrunk.jpg
Completely normal behaviour in a pub car park 50 views
Mt William NP Stumpies N2 (2).jpg
Mt William Nation Park - East Coast - 50m from the beach.144 views
Walls of China - Mungo NP159 viewsSand dunes at lake Mungo National Park
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No Standing.jpg
Parking Near Saleyards at Warwick151 viewsPrompted by the photo of generous parking at Walmart (USA), see how we do it in Australia. Trick, your vehicle must be narrower than about 100mm or a 2 dimensional facsimile only.
off roading arches 2.JPG
Off-road trail, Arches National Park, Utah146 viewsHired jeep at Moab and off we went!
off roading arches.JPG
Arches National Park, Utah151 views
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Slate Mine Car Park403 views
Toyota Hilux Surf180 viewsParked near the Imperial Palace Kyoto.
Kluger uses same underpinnings but Surf looks better.
Eastwell Park May 2011208 views
Yamba - view of safe harbour and town from near caravan park90 views
Minyon Falls - Nightcap NP107 viewsWest of Byron Bay (approx 28º27'S, 153º23'E) in the Nightcap National Park. Rocky Creek Dam is in the next valley west and supplies water to much of NE NSW.
P1020465 - Copy.JPG
Sheet ice at a car park in the Lakes on New Years Day 0951 views
parked up at spanish point70 views
C2178 Module-Parking brake118 viewsPart No.: YPC801020
Colour: BLACK
Cavities: 32WY

Location: Beneath center of vehicle
Wild goats in Natioanl Park93 views
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clean as always25 views
parking (3).jpg
my ticket34 viewsmy ticket
parking aid.pdf
parking aid53 views
Parking Brackets.jpg
Parking Sensor Holders119 views
parking brake and actuation.pdf
parking brake and actuation57 views
Parking Brake Diag and test  .pdf
Parking Brake Shoe and Lining Adjustment.pdf
EPB Adjust Feb 2011116 views
Parking Brake.pdf
Parking Sensor Broken.jpg
Parking Sensor Fixed.jpg
Parking Sensors.JPG
D486 views
parking sensors.pdf
Parking Sensors144 views
No other cars are allowed to park here387 views
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PDC - Module Removal12 views
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PDC - Speaker Removal9 views
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EPB wiring diag45 views
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Parking Sign51 views
Ladies Parking Space183 views
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Disco in car-park at the Kammerkör chairlift230 views
Disco in car-park at the Kammerkör chairlift266 views
Parking control Work shop manual15 views
Philips D2S 85122 C1 Xenon 4300K projector HID bulb923 viewsThis is the 4300K OEM bulb in our HID Xenon projector headlights. People who design illumination systems regard the 4300K colour as a good compromise to provide what is called definition. This is effectively the ability to actually determine what an object being illuminated probably is. The more blue colour bulbs, say 5000K and greater, result in a reduction in the ability to distinguish detail, (regardless of brightness), of the object being illuminated. Effectively, you can see the object but you cannot quite figure out what it is. This is because the more blue frequencies means there are fewer other frequencies of light that allow our eyes to actually discern what an object really is.

The 4300K colour temperature applies to clear air conditions; for rain, dust, snow, fog, etc, then a yellow 2500K colour temperature is preferable. 2500K provides more contrast and there is less back splash of light off the air particles. In blowing snow, this means less sparkle back. Flat top cut off of the light beam, (which is the pattern our projector lights have), is important to reducing back splash - hence you do do not want roof mounted lighting for adverse conditions - as low down as possible is preferable, (which is why fog lights generally sit low.)
parked or abandoned 11 viewsOnly just about fitted into this spot........
12 viewsMerc parking outside IKEA
Killington VT 201335 viewsParked at lower driveway
Killington, VT36 viewsParked on upper driveway, the driveway was covered with 6 inches of snow and the incline was at least 30 degrees and the LR3 made it up with no problems.
VA Parking246 views
spark plugs, right ones are abnormal ?9 viewsthat is not LR engine, that Jeep's Hemi.
pot-holing (Medium).jpg
Stephen completes the manouver by parking neatly in a hole85 views
pot-holing (Medium)~0.jpg
Stephen completes the manouver by neatly parking in a handy hole86 views
parking camera16 views
D3 line up at the Red Lion in High Lane156 viewsAndrewS\'s Merceds Sprinter Van (fastest vehicle on the road) spoils the line-up in the car park
retail park entrance.jpg
retail park.jpg
Ride Height Calibration106 viewsD3 was very high on Rear Right and slightly high on Front Right - looked terrible when parked on flat surface. In less than an hour (including taking all measurements)thanks to IIDTool it sits perfectly level. A simple process which I will detail later
My D3 in the \'car park\'120 views
Ordinary car stuck in the car park99 viewsTo be fair, this was the reuslt of a \'jolly jape\'
Our disco friendly caravan park17 views
Thread upload22 viewsImage uploaded in thread 137355
car cleared of snow11 viewsMaserati pulling out of gym car park with snow all over, only cleared parts of side window by lowering them and raising back up 4" .
from only drivers side quick wipe down and rear postbox size clear spot in centre
Spain 2008 151 (Small)~1.jpg
Parked up at Col d\'Te, SPain379 viewsCALENDAR ENTRY 2009
Spark Plugs Removal.pdf
Spark Plugs Removal305 views
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G4 Discovery 3 Tong Parkwood 4x4 192 views
Gareths stuck park brake252 views
Sunrise,Estes Park, Colorado151 viewsCouldn't sleep, jetlag!
CALENDAR 2008 ENTRY676 viewsmy first day of ownership, stopped in a parking bay on the way home to admire the view. The sunset was nice too.
sync parking.jpg
The _Serengeti_ of The North York Moors.JPG
The \'Serengeti\' of The North York Moors877 viewsPicture was taken on a late sunny winters afternoon in the North York Moors National Park. The low light captures the Sky, Tree, and the D3\'s light interior along with the silver exterior detail. Whilst the dark D3 body blends into the foreground. Gives a feel of the South African plains. Think would make a good October or November page??
Parked at top of Roych Clough - shot from a 10 foot pile of snow86 views
Parked one night9 views
TunisiaOct10 (16).JPG
Interesting Parking Rob!! - Ksar Ghilane128 views
Willochra Creek839 viewsCALENDAR 2008 ENTRY
parking in the shade for some tea and lunch in Willochra Creek bed which drains into lake Torrens in South Australia. Three weeks prior, this creek was 300m wide with recent flooding rainfalls.
Worshipblues Park 3.jpg
parked up in Glenridding159 views
youcan park there mate!.jpg
National park near Peniscola, Spain40 views
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