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Isle of Skye20 views
Land Rover Stop Tail Light dual filament bulb nominal 12 volt 21 / 5 watt filaments1265 viewsThis is the Land Rover part number 264590 dual filament bulb, (P21/5), that inserts into the upper two tail lamp receptacles. In the upper one, both filaments function, in the lower one, only the 5 watt tail light filament functions.

I regard it as not a good practice to routinely switch bulbs when the tail light filament, (5 watt), burns out on the lower bulb. The broken filament can jiggle over onto the brake light filament, (21 watt), and short the circuit to ground or something else not predicable.

There are also arguments to say that quality control is better on the Land Rover marketed bulbs than say far east sourced bulbs. Filament construction, and hence resistance can vary and mislead the current sensing circuits monitoring the signal light systems. Also when the bulbs are properly installed, all filaments should be standing vertically and not at any slope.

These are the sort of obscure circumstances that can lead to false trouble messages on the display, dropping to the stops, and subsequent concerns - all over a tail/signal light bulb.

For example, the filament life of both the tail light and the brake light filaments in the P21/5 bulb is significantly less than the USA common 1157 dual filament bulb, (1000/250 vs 5000/1200 hours); brightness in the P21/5 is a bit more, (3cp/35cp vs 3cp/32cp where cp is candle power), but current consumption is oddly less, (0.44a/1.86a vs 0.59a/2.10a where a is amps). It is the quest for efficiency vs maintenance trade off.
View from verandah towards Isle of Man196 views
Donald outside of our holiday cottage, on the Isle of Wight152 viewsWe made the most of the early summer (March) and had a great time on the IoW!
Rear view of Disco with Rack and LR rear ladder240 viewsNear Holland, Stronsay, Northern Isles
Caol Ila Distillery107 viewsIsle of Islay
Calendar 2010294 viewsIsle of Mull, Torosay Castle and Vulcan
Calendar 2010274 viewsIsle of Sky again
Calendar 2010242 viewsIsle of Sky
Don\'t think the Isle of Skye has many Phones ??169 views
Glen Nevis240 viewsOn our tour of the Highlands and the Isle of Skye we ended up on a road that didn't seem to be on the map. It took us right up through Glen Nevis and then just carried on and on to the Falls of Steil (apologies if spelt incorrectly). The falls were amazing and were only about 1KM walk from where we ended up parking the Disco.
Isle of Skye217 viewsHaving just seen the view in my rear view mirror i thought i'd stop and get a photo of the Disco. This was about 15 minutes north of Portree on the Isle of Skye. A stunning place to visit. With the clouds in the distance just letting the sun peek through them i thought it was worth uploading. Hope you like it.
Isle of Skye201 viewsStopping for some lunch just at the foot of Quiraing on the Isle of Skye.
Sunset in the Western Isles 3644 viewsCalender 2008 Entry

Taken on the beach at Kneep on the west coast of Lewis, Outer Hebrides - May 2007. Backlit Disco with low shadows. Foreground flash fill defines the iconic shape!
Sunset in the Western Isles 2666 viewsCalender 2008 Entry

Taken on the beach at Kneep on the west coast of Lewis, Outer Hebrides - May 2007. Rear with bikes & ladder - Group Buys!!
Sunset in the Western Isles 1578 viewsCalender 2008 Entry

Sunset on the beach at Kneep on the west coast of Lewis, Outer Hebridies - May 2007. Disco Front
End of the Road93 viewsMost northerly tip of Isle of Lewis September 09
End of the Road275 viewsCalendar 2010

Stornoway D3, at the end of the road. Isle of Lewis, Scotalnd September 2009
Stormy day in Islay493 viewsCALANDER ENTRY - Summer (?) holiday on Isle of Islay, Scotland. Good weather generally, but a storm came through mid-week. Car is parked at the end of the pier at Port Charlotte, looking towards Bowmore (!).

Sorry not much of a background or good light - but it was a storm. Oh and this is the highest res image I have, 5mp.
Thread upload12 viewsImage uploaded in thread 149203
Stop Light Lamp Circuit pdf2157 viewsThis pdf shows the brake light circuit for the NAS LR3.

Note that power for the brake light bulbs can come either thru the brake light switch power feed /contacts plus also from the Hill Decent Control, (HDC), system relay located within the Central Junction Box, (CJB) - yes two separate sources of power for the brake light bulbs. This would tend to explain how a brake light circuit concern shows up as a hill decent fault message; also why lesser vehicles without hill decent braking mechanisms, (HDC), never display this sort problem when a brake light bulb or switch acts up. You never have a problem related to a system that does not exist.

Additional evidence of the relationship of the HDC and the tail light circuit is demonstrated by when the HDC actually acts to slow the 3 down, the brake lights automatically illuminate even if the slowing action was merely retarding the engine speed or shifting to a lower gear, (in other words, no foot on the brake pedal).

There is also a tie in to the Cruise Control and hence a failing brake light switch can affect cruise operation or just create false Cruise Control messages. To further complicate the issue, while there are no messages generated, operation of the radiator electro viscous fan can also be negatively affected by the fouled set of secondary contacts within the brake light switch. This is all because the NC contacts within the brake switch send misleading messages to the ECU.

While the ground wire design is similar to other vehicles, note the grounds for the brake light filament and the reverse light filament are common on each side. That means that if one has a non functioning brake light on one side, the reverse light may not also work or that some problem with the reverse lights could back feed into the brake lights. This situation while unusual, can result when grounds are corroded probably due to swimming in rivers and creeks or just routine driving in a marine environment.
198 viewsD3 in front of Talisker\'s, Isle of Skye.
Isle of Skye13 views
V. Escocia 07 394.jpg
CALENDAR 2008 ENTRY666 viewsHolidays in Scotland March 2007, Neist Point Isle of Skye.
Thread upload13 viewsImage uploaded in thread 111125
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