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Discovery on the lawn442 viewsBrand new 2.7 TDV6 HSE posing at sunset. Cairns Blue, hence Blue.
D4 HSE Baltic Blue222 views
D4 HSE Baltic Blue194 views
D4 HSE Baltic Blue261 views
D4 HSE Baltic Blue216 views
6mm Heat Shrink colours 0502.JPG
6mm Heat Shrink colours 329 viewsI decided to colour code the tubing so I used 6mm electrical heat shrink.
As there is no apparent colour coding re the 3, I tried to emulate the P38 coding; #1 LR red, #2 RR blue, #3 LF yellow, and #4 RF green. This was not doable as both left side air springs have green coloured tubing coming off the top of the front and rear air springs. I therefore arbitrarily chose the Left Rear to be red; Left Front green; Right Front yellow; Right Rear blue; and for the air compressor supply line, White coloured heat shrink. Since two new lines tie into each air spring line, I made the line between the air spring and the FASKIT, a single solid colour, and the line from the FASKIT to the valve block, White, plus the related appropriate solid colour.
The Test Rig272 viewsDiscovery TDV6 SE - Adriatic Blue, Alpaca

Caravan - Future System Full Fibreglass (one piece) 21ft (6.10m)internal length

Land Rover Discovery 4 HSE descends Rudland Rigg81 viewsLand Rover Discovery 4 HSE descends Rudland Rigg. George (GSLRO) watches me down the steps on Rudland Rigg
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