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D5 carrying capacity
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al cope

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D5 carrying capacity

So we know that the D5 doesnt have the van like shape of the D3/D4, and earlier in the year I found I couldnt get a washing machine and a fridge in the back with then standing upright (it was just the tailgate opening shape that caught me out, as the inside height was high enough).

But - over the weeked I helped my daughter move into her new flat (unfurnished so she was starting from scratch), and in one trip took:

Ikea flat packed dining table and four chairs
A wing backed armchair
Computer desk with drawers
Computer Chair
37" flat screen TV
Flatpacked Hall coat stand
Tall mirror
A number of boxes and bags of DVD's, Kitchen Stuff, Glassware, bathroom stuff, box of text books, quilt, pillows, amp for her guitar, plus odds and ends

Click image to enlarge

Well impressed.

Then on sunday, trip to Ikea and this time a sofa bed with matress, and a double bed frame (bed frame and sofa bed boxes were 2Mtrs long, and went in the back no problem), along with a load more "home making" stuff.

The loadbed is definately longer than the D4, but either way, very pleased with what I could get in Thumbs Up

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John C

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United Kingdom 2006 Discovery 3 TDV6 SE Auto Cairns BlueDiscovery 3

Wow! Also v different from when I went to Uni 20 years ago. I could fit all my stuff in a rucksack!
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The D5 is a very big car, but we were spoilt by the load lugging capability and versatility of the D3/4. 👍
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