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Gospel Pass Jan 2015113 viewsThe Gospel Pass (Welsh: Bwlch yr Efengyl) is the highest road pass in Wales. It is at the head of the Vale of Ewyas in the Black Mountains of southeast Wales.[1] The narrow mountain road climbs steeply from Hay-on-Wye to a height of 549 metres (1,801 ft) [2] above sea level, squeezing between the mountains of Twmpa to the west and Hay Bluff to the east, before dropping down into the valley to the south on its way to Llanthony Priory, Llanfihangel Crucorney and Abergavenny.
G4 with trailer123 viewsTaken with digital SLR - slow shutter, narrow ap. zoom during exposure - so I\'m told - great effect just don\'t look at it for too long!
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10 inch very narrow sub Phase linear you see it458 views
Narrow track42 views
Radio Removal from Radio Stack402 viewsThis shows how to remove the radio from the stack. Basically you remove the H surround first and then at least loosen all the Torx 20 screws left and right sides from the top down starting at the narrow unit that the four way flasher/locking buttons are mounted on.

The units kind of interlock, hence some movement of each is required to remove the radio by itself. I find it best to take out the four way flasher/locking buttons assembly first as that allows access to the fibre optic cable connector into the back of the radio head without too much tugging.
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Parking Near Saleyards at Warwick151 viewsPrompted by the photo of generous parking at Walmart (USA), see how we do it in Australia. Trick, your vehicle must be narrower than about 100mm or a 2 dimensional facsimile only.
Off Road Adventure Corbett 006.jpg
205 viewsLead Jeep got stuck, I was behind him towing the D2 & the other Jeep behind us. The trail was narrow so to get him out we strapped the 4 trucks together & I & the back Jeep got r\' done!
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Narrow track121 views
some of the gates were very narrow423 viewsThe LR3's tight turning radius was a great help. You are only allowed one shunt (backup) per course section, so it is best to save it for when you really need it. I was very impressed with how slowly the LR3 can walk over the rocks, I had it set to rock crawl, and used either 1st or 2nd gear, depending on the terrain and size of rocks. mostly used 2nd, it give better throttle control.
Easy to put up in a narrow space135 views
Fuse Panel showing F35P Add A Circuit installed805 viewsFive amp fuse F35P is located towards the top left in this jpg. The other three Add A Circuit devices are for other items - powering my cell phone base etc.

Note the orientation of the Add A Circuit as this matters. Also one can just see a red tab sticking out from behind the device. The red is the conductor crimp end of a narrow 2.8mm male spade type connector that inserts into one of the "fuse" slots.
Overland Trailer Sale Details8 views
Trolley Jack Adapter695 viewsThis shows my 2.5 long ton, (2,540 kg, 5,600 pounds), trolley jack with the pin adapter that slots up into the round holes on the underside of the frame.

Use of the adapter when lifting by the left rear wheel ensures that I will not be jacking on the air compressor support; on the other three corners, it is much safer than merely jacking directly on the nearly flat narrow underside of the frame rail.
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