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D4 HSE seat in cream169 views
0000 LR Bluetooth dealer Kit install instructions972 viewsThis 17 page pdf is mostly a series of pictures showing how to install the original Land Rover dealer installed Bluetooth kit for circa 2005 / 2006 three's. Also included are three wiring diagrams sheets related to the pairing code 0000 Bluetooth install.

This pdf is useful if you are now removing the 0000 kit to install the optical 2121 MOST D4 module, an easier install than the 0000 kit ever was.
Ken and Slimer tried to steal parts whilst no one was looking!188 views
323 viewsSuzuki recovery Moreton Island
189 viewsSuspension working nicely.
205 viewsQ7 working hard. note how little the suspensipon works. But - never got stuck!
Offroad Training in Linthe, Germany.204 views9 Cars: Suzuki Jimny; Touareg V10 Diesel no difflock; Touareg V6 Diesel rear difflock; Disco 1; Disco 2; Disco 3; RR ´05; RR ´06; Q7.
01 Bobbylookbox.JPG
Bobby checking the terrain209 views
01 Disco 3 rev3.jpg
Disco 3 TDV6 GSLE72 viewsLimited Edition. Parking sensors front & rear, Full body skirts with chrome trim fog lights, Twin chrome tail pipes,
116 viewsTaken by A Filipinski -
244 viewsQ7. No suspension work here. if it weren´t for the electronics braking the wheels, a hopeless car.
185 viewsJimny. Note how well the suspension works.
200 viewsSuzuki Jimny. Some holes were deep enough to swallow the little fella, but it got out as long as all wheels were on the ground. No difflocks or electronics in this one.
Told that I had to test the ladder, and there aint no better test than sticking me up there!177 views
198 viewsSuspension working nicely. Thia model has no difflocks - not to mention electronics - to control wheel spin, so it needed speed to get through some points.
02 Back o Bourke near Darling River~0.jpg
02 Last Photo before the little wheel problem saga220 viewsThis is my D3 with trailer on the banks of the Darling River, literally "back of Bourke" (the regional definition of the start of the Australian Outback). We were the first vehicle in a week to try and drive this route from Bourke to Wilcannia on the account of floods (first water in 7 years). Little did we know that 3 hours later there\'d be a bit of a wheel and tyre problem appearing...
the D3, 17" with stock tyres, working very good in the mud ! Still estonished by this ...600 views
111 viewsTaken by A Filipinski -
Silverstone Classic Media Day155 viewsAttended the media day for the Silverstone Classic, took 3 cars to display & tell 300 journalists what we do at the show.
David Coultard was one of the drivers who were taking the journalists around the track.
03 Changing the flat.jpg
03 First bit of tyre/wheel trouble242 viewsIn the outback a tyre suddenly blew. "No worries" we thought, as we had 3 spares (+ two more if we abandoned the trailer), 150l of water, 3 days of food, and an EPIRB if things got really bad. At the time I didn\'t fully appreciate the fact that my index got a blister from the burning heat of one of the wheel nuts. It was 45 deg C at the time, so everything was hot.
03 Changing the flat~0.jpg
03 The first bit of tyre/wheel problem249 viewsSomewhere in the Australian outback on a 45 deg C day in Jan 08, a D3 had a bit of a flat tyre problem. "No worries, mate" st we had 3 spares (plus 2 more if we abandon the trailer), 150l of water, 4 days of food, and an EPIRB if things really go crook. The first clue that this was not a "normal" flat was when I handled a wheel nut and ended up with a blister from a burning hot nut (the ambient wasn\'t THAT hot).
150 viewsTaken by A Filipinski -
113 viewsTaken by A Filipinski -
115 viewsTaken by A Filipinski -
Thread upload16 viewsImage uploaded in thread 106767
06 Hot Axle Bolts.jpg
06 Spare tyre on and still suffering from hot wheel nuts294 viewsManaged to get ultra hot wheel nuts back on the spare (using the original 19" D3 wheel, vs the 19" RRS wider wheel which blew - shown in left of photo). Pity we didn\'t note that the disk brake was EXTREMELY hot at this time.
127 viewsTaken by A Filipinski -
07 Back of flat tyre is ok.jpg
07 Back side of failed tyre337 viewsThis is the back of the blown tyre. It looks like any other worn tyre which has run a bit while flat. Note that we were running on wider 19" RRS wheels (have 4 19" MTRs + 1 old A/T on the original 5 wheels). Also have a rear-mount spare tyre holder which is really convenient with the wider rim and the fact that the tyre was still hot (it had some melted rubber on the other side!!)
kitchenette it is.892 viewsEjoying Baguette, Saucison sec and of course Fois Gras.
137 viewsTaken by A Filipinski -
08 End of road with seized wheel.jpg
08 D3 stranded with a seized smoking wheel313 viewsAbout 1 hr after replacing the blown tyre, strange noises emanated from the stability control system and speed dropped off. Then I looked in the rear view mirror, and noted a cloud of dust along with a whiff of black smoke. This led to a very quick stop (no traffic on this route for over a week, so no worries about having to signal exiting the road). Took a look and WOW. The right rear wheel was glowing a dull red colour, and burning rubber smoke was wafting from the red glow over the fuel lines.
146 viewsTaken by A Filipinski -
DickieDisco trying not to get wet!56 views
DickieDisco avoiding water...48 views
DickieDisco trying to decide if this is a better way down...48 views
Si taking a slightly wetter route...54 views
Parking module99 views
highlift and new sensor wire loom30 viewsNew wire loom added to protect sensor wires and keep things sanitary looking
. Highlift jack mount arms added and gas strut
09 Removing disk brake.jpg
09 Starting to remove the seized brake assembly294 viewsBy this time we\'d poured about 8l of water on the dull-red glowing and burning wheel assembly (too close to 140l of 98 octane petrol). Sudden cooling cracked the disk brake which showed mangled park brake parts. How to remove a brake disk without the right star fitting? First remove the caliper then get a sledge hammer?!!
152 viewsTaken by A Filipinski -
Skiing in Africa :-)131 views
Thread upload12 viewsImage uploaded in new thread
1 ICE Loom LR.jpg
1 ICE Loom - Behind boot trim drivers side. TMC and Nokia modules87 views
1 Nokia LR.jpg
1 Nokia - Connections and loom appearing79 views
1. Finshed.JPG
Finished, looking good105 views
10 ICE Loom LR.jpg
10 ICE Loom - Drivers kick ICE Loom / Dash Loom connector74 views
10 note cracked disk brake.jpg
10 Cracked smoking parking brake drum335 viewsNote the crack in the face of the brake. This showed mangled parking brake springs and other bits. Also a bit of melted rubber was drooling out of the crack. Started to remove the brake caliper and enjoying the flies in 45 deg C heat. Ah, the wonderful Aussie climate in January.
145 viewsTaken by A Filipinski -
Looking smart...125 views
227 viewsAll working
Cooking Roast at Pierre Springs219 views
Dash inner workings224 views
sticking carpet123 views
Rear of DD kit67 views
83 viewsTool kit ready..............
209 viewsTool Kit ready..............
146 viewsThe real tool kit ready
in the snow197 viewsdiscovery doing what it does best working in the snow
Thread upload112 viewsImage uploaded in thread 102519
11 gently removing the disk for 4 hours.jpg
11 Lesson in removing a jammed brake assembly in the Outback376 viewsSpent the next 4 hours doing this to my D3. Gave the photos to Land Rover dealer and they did not think this constituted abuse of the vehicle. I thought that was charitable, but if we hadn\'t done this, the tow back to civilisation would have been even longer.
159 viewsTaken by A Filipinski -
12 Two hrs of hammering later.jpg
12 Half way through removing a jammed disk brake in the Outback295 viewsThis was just before breaking the sledge hammer. Note we luckily carried a spare hammer. Ended up using (or breaking) every tool we had on this little repair job. Bed sheets are a good way of gathering the bits to show for the inevitable warranty claim.
Walking out after getting bogged - half way!53 views
New front skid plate Mudtech4x4.com25 viewsNew front skid plate
13 Thank goodness for a spare hammer.jpg
13 How to care for tools301 viewsWhat happened to the sledge hammer after 2 hours of beating my seized and cracked disk/park brake assembly to bits. Now down to 1 hammer remaining. At least by this time it was getting cooler (down to 40 deg C)
Rugby ball prize13 viewsWon this at the Dubai 7's in 2010. The LR stand had a competition. You had to push a LR4 over a something like an uphill speedbump. A modified bullbar resembling a scrumming machine allowed 3 people to touch, engage and push the beast over the bump. Me and my 2 kids - with a little bit of help, managed it and for our trouble got this ball !!!
Glentarkie32 views
Ipod Kit81 views
26 viewsHalfords fitting kit
14 Long shadows 3 hrs later.JPG
14 "Are we having fun yet?"345 viewsSWMBO is pondering why attempting to drive 3,900 kms across the outback on dirt roads is more fun than, say, spending New Years in Paris......
52 viewsSlight dink in parking sensor, caused by under sied trailor. Stops parking sensors from working and didnt see it. Bloody thing!! Parking snsor still working perfectly normal.
15 First view of warped drum brake.jpg
15 First sign of bits of parking brake failure332 viewsNote the complete lack of pad from the parking brake. Not only was there no composite brake material left, but the drum was somewhat twisted and connecting bits all smashed. Also a small drip of melted rubber from wheel bearing parts....
Marking bolt holes265 views
Taking the High road (due to side steps) Doh117 views
16 Everything knocked off wheel.jpg
16 All the remains of a D3\'s parking brake368 viewsAfter 4 hours of hammering, finally removed the disk/park brake drum, and nearly all the parking brake bits fell to the ground. Cut rhe remaining brake cable loose as it was wrapped around the hub and a bit melted. Also having 2 jacks + 2 jack stands will support 4 hrs of hammering on the side of my D3.
18 Time to start driving slowly with 3 brakes.jpg
18 Brake "repairs" finished at sunset291 viewsWe just finished the repair at sunset and were driving slowly with 3 brakes. Oddly the D3 didn\'t behave any differently at 50 km/hr than it did normally. We had 4 instances of hitting the (3) skids for kangaroos before arriving in Wilcannia 3 hrs later. The brake light warning was making very distinctive noises and flashing randomly, though.
Thread upload7 viewsImage uploaded in new thread
D3 at Glentarkie31 views
Thread upload14 viewsImage uploaded in thread 157551
Looking North11 views
Kielder Squirrel20 views
In Kielder Forest2 views
Kielder Squirrel22 views
Leading the Kielder 4x4 Safari10 views
Looking out over Kielder Water3 viewsLooking out over Kielder Water
D4 HSE Kielder Safari118 views
D4 HSE216 viewsD4 HSE on Kielder 4x4 Safari July 2012
Leading the Kielder 4x4 Safari108 viewsLeading the Kielder 4x4 Safari through Kielder Forest
D4 HSE Kileder Safari138 views
Kielder 4x4 Safari Jan 201338 views
Kielder 4x4 Safari Jan 201335 views
Looking out over Kielder Water8 views
Looking out over Kielder Water74 views
D4 HSE On Kielder 4x4 Safari88 views
Sunset at Kielder6 views
Kielder 4x4 Safari Feb 201335 views
D4 Kielder Safari58 views
Kielder Classic Car Run 20182 views
Discovery 4 in Kielder Forest32 views
Kielder Classic Car Run 20183 views
Steyr Puch Pinzgauer 6x610 viewsSomething different on the Kielder Safari
D4 HSE Kielder Safari June 201325 views
D4 HSE On Kielder 4x4 Safari77 views
Kielder Forest23 viewsKielder Forest
D4 HSE Kielder Safari77 views
D4 HSE35 viewsOn the Kielder 4x4 Safari May 2012
D4 HSE in Kielder Forest57 viewsOn the Kielder 4x4 Safari May 2012
D4 HSE81 viewsOn Kielder Safari
D4 HSE Kielder Safari90 views
Rudland Rigg41 viewsThe view from the top of Rudland Rigg looking out towards Roseberry Topping and the coast.
1DX_5902 EOS-1D X.jpg
Kingmav behind27 views
1DX_5958 EOS-1D X.jpg
Kingmav in the water28 views
1 General Information, Identification Codes and Jacking and Lifting2 viewsPart 1 of Discovery 3/4 Workshop Manual - General Information, Identification Codes and Jacking and Lifting
2 Nokia LR.jpg
2 Nokia - Location of Nokia Module on trim69 views
Rockingham 05326 views
N/S Kickpanel wiring harness for AUX input4100 views
Inside the kickpanel4114 viewsRed = Left Channel
Blue = Right Channel
Black = Screen
Noki cradle fits snug in the cup holder373 views
Uncle Ray\'s Kit919 views
Checking for fit, free-spool lever needed to be modified1006 views
Marking the bumper for the cutout1077 views
Looking shiny after Meguirs 3 stage treatment415 views
Looking shiny after Meguirs 3 stage treatment331 views
Looking shiny after Meguirs 3 stage treatment343 views
2008-11-16 - Mary River National Park 033.jpg
D3 in the Mary River Flood plains47 viewsIn this part of the world, on the flood plains out to Kakadu, you never get out to wade a creek first as the theory says you should. If the water isn\'t clear, like it was on this causeway, and it is this wide, you either wait for someone else who is braver than you to cross first, or you turn around and go home. These rivers are full of estuarine (salt-water) crocodiles, and they are starting to reach 7 metres in size in some still rare instances. However, seeing as a 2.5m crocodile can kill a grown man,
2008-12-26 - Djukbinj National Park, Boxing Day 2008 040.jpg
D3 in the Mary River Flood plains48 viewsFamily was down South with the In-laws, so I went for a drive on Boxing Day - which is the monsoon time, or \'The Wet\'. Was doing a test run with the off-raod trailer in preparation for the trip I was planning to the Kimberley six months later. Couldn\'t quite make it out of the creek, so a self-recovery was in order. Good thing it all worked, as I didn\'t see another car in over four hours. They were too smart to drive down the track I was on!
2009-04-13 - Red Centre 168.jpg
Calendar 2010 - D3 at Uluru304 viewsCalender 2010 - D3 at Uluru in April - Autumn, hence the colder skies and a brisk desert morning.
20091217 Stolen D3 Article.pdf
Local WA newspaper article on D3 Theft167 viewsThe article is info by police public affairs. They wanted something to keep people locking doors and taking care during the holiday period. There are also TV public service announcements on air in WA featuring my wife confessing to leaving 1 door unlocked leading to the theft.
2010 Calender Entry342 viewsNeVeTaS & Tony686 - Kings Forest Suffolk
20100702_01 (2).jpg
106 viewsKimberley Karavan
65 viewsGibb River Rd, Kimberley
Kayaking on Hunters Gorge - Diamantina NP QLD21 views
Looking West from 'Big Red' - Simpson Desert19 views
Kayaking - Cooper Creek Innamincka21 views
Southern end of Strzelecki Track - Lyndhurst SA23 views
92 viewsAll 4 switches in place.
Driver's side switches are:
. Parking sensors master switch
. Reverse camera off/on/reverse-tiggered
Passenger side switches are:
. CarPC off/on/ignition-triggered
. 12V Regulator off/on/ignition-triggered
74 viewsHole for 12V accessory socket. This hole has a blanking plate on it on Commercial D3s. It just needed to be filed down in some areas to fit the socket I bought.
93 viewsDeciding on a layout for the electrical stuff. Bottom right of pic is a fusebox which will take the input power from the traxide kit, then relay box and 12V regulator, ignition busbar and homemade regulated 12V busbar. Big black box is the CarPC
homemade rainbow112 viewsNo rain here, so making our own rainbows.
G4 kayak kit 31 views
G4 kayak kit --7.5cm / 3 inch 32 views
2013-01-15 14.20.39.jpg
ANITAS suspension module kit69 views
2013-08-18 12.26.21.jpg
ta-dah! the final result31 viewscomplete GPS satNav system, with iGO software and ALL maps from europe 2012, including POIs speedcams, and personalized land rover skins
My Disco 4 HSE32 viewsUnwashed...blame outdoor LHR T1 2 week parking!!
Mum and the little munchkin :-)10 views
Lilly & Selkie3 views
Lilly & Selkie 24 views
connector12 viewsLeft hand kick panel area
Iron X38 viewsCar Pro Iron X making the wheels bleed - absolutely stinks
Locking Kit526 viewsready to install
Mfd from
Light Kit switch1154 views
Light Kit switch688 views
Thread upload162 viewsLR Disco 3 SE Buckingham Blue. along with our Coachman 535/4 caravan.
Thread upload117 viewsTemporary short term fix - duck tape to get you home!!
Thread upload103 viewsSplit after removing duck tape. I think the split got longer whilst waiting for new silicone hose's to arrive.
Thread upload97 viewsNew silicone hose with original sleeves refitted.
Thread upload100 viewsOriginal LR rubber hose just before removing (turbo end).
Thread upload91 viewsBottom end Passenger side after original LR hose removed
2015-03-29 15.36.jpg
Rainbow over Kielder Forest6 views
solar panel install257 viewsAt least at this point, I mounted it by using Clear Silicone RTV. This stuff is kind of like glue, but can be removed. If it doesn't hold up after curing and driving, I'll remove it and come up with another plan. I used heavy cable ties on the 4 grommets, in case it lets loose, it won't take out my wiring and the car behind me. 2 Panels are dandy like this, but I don't want to permanently block the roof space. Grape Solar to power my snomaster fridge
Winch Power upgrade218 viewsUsing 2 warn kits, and removing one of the wires to use on another project. The purpose was to replace the power and ground wire. I used Warn kits, which are 4/0 Welding cable. The original red #4 warped from getting a little too worn. The 2nd
Battery #1 Deka 9A94 AGM Intimidator, Battery #2 Deka 9A47 AGM Intimidator WARN 36080 28" Quick Connect Cable X 2, WARN 26405 Quick Connect Cable 7' X 2, WARN 15901 Black Cable X 1 -- winch control 72" X 1
offending part head caught 9 viewsoffending part head caught when standing back up from picking up dropped LTO tape
Locking Plate3 views
4 viewselaborazione scarichi aspirazione rifacimento frizione più robusta distribuzione egr killer centralina remapping
Contents of repair kit150 views
PDC Front and Rear37 views
23.Aroona Valley, looking South1.jpg
Flinders Ranges - View South from Aroona Valley158 views
This road isnt on a bus route!120 viewsWent to see how my new house is looking in Czech Republic, this is one of two roads out of the village
309 viewsThule Xpedition 821 Luggage Basket fitted to 861 Aerobars on 751 Feet with 3027 Fitting Kit. All in £360.00
310 viewsThule Xpedition 821 Luggage Basket fitted to 861 Aerobars on 751 Feet with 3027 Fitting Kit. All in £360.00
305 viewsThule Xpedition 821 Luggage Basket fitted to 861 Aerobars on 751 Feet with 3027 Fitting Kit. All in £360.00
299 viewsThule Xpedition 821 Luggage Basket fitted to 861 Aerobars on 751 Feet with 3027 Fitting Kit. All in £360.00
29130514RC13 viewsOutlander PHEV 10/13 Fitting instructions
Electric wiring kit for towbars / 13-pin / 12 Volt / ISO 11446
2nd Journey -  Fetch kitchen worktop.JPG
291 viewsNeeded 1.8m of worktop but had to buy 3m length. Took B&D workmate with me and cut it down to size in the car park! Notice how the workmate is exactly level with D3 in normal height!
2p positioning tool.jpg
EGR Blanking Tool - coat-hanger64 views
What 4x4's are for ...106 viewsThrowing a bunch of kit in back of an taking it places.
3mrockguard 5.jpg
Taking damaged wrap off...185 viewsOnly because of the REAL damage to the car....
Alternator and Regulator Wiring Diagrams, TDV6 and petrol V8 and V61513 viewsThis is a three page pdf that shows the alternator and regulator wiring for the petrol V6, petrol V8 and TDV6. The pdf can be either printed or by right clicking on the displayed pdf, rotated as required for viewing.

Of interest is that the regulator gets its instructions primarily from the Engine Control Module (ECM) and only secondarily from the vehicles electrical buss. The conductor from the battery thru the 5 amp fuse F20E is to provide initial power to excite the alternator at startup and then secondarily, to instruct it if the PWM signals were not available. Primary instructions to and from the ECM are thru the two other conductors via a digital like Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) signal.

If F20E, the 5 amp engine compartment fuse box fuse is blown, the red alternator light on the dash will be illuminated. This means that the alternator could be OK, but if the F20E fuse is blown, no electricity will be generated. Hence check the F20E fuse if you get a red ALT light or some indication of the alternator not working.

Regarding operation of the red ALT light on the dash, it is not the regulator within the alternator that tells the red light to illuminate, or not, but instead the ECM. This is the reason the red light does not function in the same manner as with older vehicles. With the 3, sometimes you have illumination and sometimes not depending upon what the ECM is thinking. What this means is that you can have an alternator that is failing but the red light does not illuminate as the ECM is compensating for reduced alternator output - maybe by draining the battery and or cutting back on vehicle electrical loads such as shutting off or cycling the radio amplifier or heated seats.
Brendan Kilkenny78 views
Thread upload21 viewsImage uploaded in thread 106673
TWOR 0141 views©theworldoffroad
55 viewsColdweathers, classic 90 blew up its expansion bottle, he was glad of the ride to the top but funnily enuf didnt want a tow to the bottom, some say it may have been due to the fact that his 90 looked like it had been taken jet sking on the back of a D3
Pirelli Scorpion Zero after over 56000 Km126 viewsNotice the flaking.
Kielder Forest Run8 views
My Working Girls22 viewsLast day of the season 2012 picking up.
girl bikini79 views
6mm Heat Shrink colours 0502.JPG
6mm Heat Shrink colours 286 viewsI decided to colour code the tubing so I used 6mm electrical heat shrink.
As there is no apparent colour coding re the 3, I tried to emulate the P38 coding; #1 LR red, #2 RR blue, #3 LF yellow, and #4 RF green. This was not doable as both left side air springs have green coloured tubing coming off the top of the front and rear air springs. I therefore arbitrarily chose the Left Rear to be red; Left Front green; Right Front yellow; Right Rear blue; and for the air compressor supply line, White coloured heat shrink. Since two new lines tie into each air spring line, I made the line between the air spring and the FASKIT, a single solid colour, and the line from the FASKIT to the valve block, White, plus the related appropriate solid colour.
6mm PA12 tubing with heat shrink applied 0508.JPG
6mm PA12 grade nylon tubing with heat shrink applied 414 viewsShows some of the 6mm air line with heat shrink applied to one end of tubing. Shrink will be applied to the other end once field cut to length. These four tubes, each about 20 ft (6m) long, feed to the rear. Re the front air lines, (not shown), four additional lengths, each about 10 ft (3m) long, are required plus one more 3 metre length for compressor air. The 6mm tubing is a Nylon product specified as PA12. There is also a very similar Transport grade PA11 material, however it seems that PA12 is the more common Transport grade now in use. Also the applicable DIN standard seems to be both DIN 73378 and DIN 74324 for the nylon tubing. The working pressure of the 6mm tubing is about 27 Bar and bursting 82 Bar @ 20C. This is for the 1mm nominal wall thickness material, (4mm ID, 6mm OD).
Thread upload6 viewsImage uploaded in thread 148008
Thread upload21 viewsImage uploaded in thread 128357
EGR Blanking209 viewsBlanking plates cut from stainless steel plate.
Buckingham takes the plunge124 views
D4 Kippet Law99 views
Thread upload1 viewsImage uploaded in thread 171694
Thread upload13 viewsImage uploaded in new thread
Thread upload10 viewsImage uploaded in new thread
Aerial Fin Image_20061020 (2).pdf
Land Rover Aerial Fin images for both Glass and Metal Roof Disco3 / LR3584 viewsAs well as the two different fins, this pdf also shows the plastic blanking plate for glass roof vehicles where no fin is installed.

The glass roof fin is secured by two security screws from the top into a plastic frangible glue on gasket. The hope is that when struck, the fin will shear off and not crack the glass roof. Re the metal roof design, the fin is secured from underneath via two nuts.

The pdf also shows the various electrical bits related to the antennas. In the UK, the fin would house not only a cell phone antenna but the TV and satellite radio antenna electronics as well; in the States, the Sirius sat radio antenna and a G type cell phone antenna if the phone kit was installed would reside within the fin. The SAT NAV GPS antenna is located within the High Mount Brake Light plastic mounted to the upper rear hatch.
Aerial Fin Image_20061020 (2)~0.pdf
Fin cell phone aerial drawing161 viewsThe factory aerial for the factory NAV / GPS on my 2005 HSE is within the high mounted stop light lens at the top of the upper hatch door. I do not have the factory installed phone kit, and as such, do not have the fin installed; instead there is just a plastic blanking insert to fill the cell phone aerial wiring hole in the metal portion of the roof; hence this requirement for an "external" cell antenna. For those that do have the fin on their glass roof, the fin is screwed on to a glued on plastic gasket, (sort of), and not bolted thru as per the metal roof 3's.
Air Conditioning Pipes (File 1)922 viewsIt\'s the smaller of the 2 pipes that is leaking. Both pipes are encased full length in the foam sleeve. You can see where the support bracket has \'crushed\' the sleeve. The bracket is what holed the small pipe. There is a bracket at each end and one in the middle. You need to remove the suspension reservoir to get to the centre bracket. Be aware that the bolts securing the brackets may be corroded and are likely to shear off on removal!
Air pipe leak1 viewsImage uploaded in thread 177818
FOR SALE - ONE OFF Land Rover Disco 3 33 viewsOne of a kind Landrover Discovery TDV6 HSE LUX Model 5 door automatic 4x4 diesel evo blue. Upgrades: sidesteps, roof rails, privacy glass, front and rear heated seats/elec seats, landrover tv and headphones, 7 seater black leather, piano black dash/steering wheel, built in fridge, 6 disc changer, sat nav and bluetooth, harman kardon premium entertainment pack, by-xenon adaptive headlights , cruise control and front and rear park distance control, panoramic electric glass roof, 22inch alloy wheels, body kit
Alone in the Park.jpg
winters kiss166 views
Alternator female plug looking down into top184 viewsThis shows the plug connected to the alternator wiring harness looking down into the top of the plug.

The cavity marked 1 is the AS or BATT SENSE and the wire colour most likely has Brown/Green on it.
The cavity marked 2 is the RC or ALT CON and the wire colour most likely has Red/White on it.
The cavity marked 3 is the L1 or ALT MON and the wire colour likely has Green/White on it.

I say "most likely" as the wire colours are not always the same on all vehicles.
Also the terminal 1 conductor destination is more likely C0570-175 rather than per the jpg.

The #3 pin is located closest to the big B+ terminal.
Alternator Plug and B+ terminal679 viewsPictured is the rear of the older Land Rover part # YLE500190 alternator showing the shiny cooling fin of the Regitar VRH2005-142 regulator under.

The first pin in the far left side of the connector is numbered #1 in the LR electrical wiring diagrams and is Battery Voltage Sensing (BVS); the middle pin, #2 receives a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) signal from the Engine Control Module (ECM), and the right pin, #3 carries a PWM signal back to the ECM. Terminal Pin #2 on the LR wiring diagrams is called Alternator Control or ALT CON; Pin #3 per LR is called Alternator Monitoring or ALT MON.

Pin #1 is similar to what in older designs used to be called A or Batt, but is now called by Denso, S, AS, or Alternator Sensing for this design. Pin #1 also provides power to excite the alternator at startup until the PWM instructions over ride the battery voltage info. Land Rover calls the electronics under the pins a Smart Regulator, ironic, as it has to follow orders from the ECM rather than give the orders - new age thinking I guess. This is different from older design internal regulators that look at just the battery or the electrical buss voltage and then decides itself what to do.

It is almost like we are back to the external regulator designs of old, except that the ECM may decide that instead of telling the alternator to make more power, to load shed, and hence shut down the heated windscreen, seats, or whatever other electrical loads it decides are appropriate. My view is that the "smarts" are in the ECM and that the "regulator" should be regarded if not dumb, then as being a slave to the ECM.
Anti Stress Kit.jpg
iPad Camera Kit19 views
Arch Trim Removed.jpg
Wheel Arch Trim Removed147 viewsLuckily I didn\'t break any clips
Thread upload15 viewsImage uploaded in new thread
Thread upload9 viewsImage uploaded in thread 120032
Arty crap.jpg
Kielder D3 Safari50 views
Kielder D3 Safari61 views
15 views23867km March/September 2010 - The Nullarbour, Pilbra, Kimberley, Gregory NP, The Centre
Austria ski holiday 09_ 017.jpg
two more D3\'s spotted at the ski slope152 views
Austria ski holiday 09_ 030.jpg
-21 deg and doing my bit for global warming.......... dont think the tree hugging Toyota next to me was too impressed190 views
Austria ski holiday 09_ 031.jpg
Chilly temps in Austria 182 views
Austria ski holiday 09_ 060.jpg
stuck in traffic around Munich during heavy snow157 views
Frame Jacking Points showing where holes are located.902 viewsThe four points marked with the arrows show where the holes in the underside of the frame are located such than one could insert a trolley jack pin type lifting adapter, (or as designed), the official LR scissors jack.
Thread upload0 viewsImage uploaded in thread 173579
Thread upload1 viewsImage uploaded in thread 180713
Thread upload9 viewsImage uploaded in new thread
Thread upload10 viewsImage uploaded in new thread
Bad Rock.jpg
Bad Rock61 viewsbenign looking rock that punctured the sidewall of my new General Grabber AT2 (500km done on tyre)
Ball is Somewhere.jpg
Lost Ball45 viewsPepper looking for the ball
Thread upload6 viewsImage uploaded in thread 167839
BAS EGR Blanking Kit Fitting SMALL.pdf
Blanking Kit Fitting Procedure2138 viewsHow I fitted the kit to my D3.
Woodlands Hotel4 viewsGreen Oval Garage would like to say thank you to the Woodlands Hotel in Leeds for allowing us the use of their beautiful grounds for all our future photos shoots.

Woodlands is one of the finest luxury hotels in Leeds. This boutique hotel is set in beautiful landscaped grounds on the outskirts of Leeds city centre, just 2 minutes drive from junction 27 of the M62 motorway, with 23 individually designed bedrooms and an award winning restaurant. Packed with character, this lovingly restored hotel is only three miles from the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Leeds with superb nightlife and unrivalled shopping.

Woodlands also offers a stylish and contemporary functions venue for all kinds of social and business events. Our three stunning event spaces are suitable for everything from wedding ceremonies and receptions, to corporate meetings and events. The permanent marquee, attached to the hotel, can accommodate up to 150 for dining and 200 for evening parties and receptions, making it one of the most elegant settings for a wedding venue in the Leeds area.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact us on or 0113 2381 488
2008 Calendar Entry - D3 go mad in Cornwall650 viewsMy D3 just above Pendower beach on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall in August 2007. Wife and kids are out of shot.... standing in the road to prevent other cars parking!!
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Big Fishes.jpg
Big Fishes269 viewsThe gradual metamorphosis begins. Sad to be gettinng rid of the 110, but looking forward to abusing the Disco.
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Archos publicity shot178 views
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Black Lane, Mellor Moor164 viewsLooking at tread marks, appears to be only tractors that come up here of recent - until me!
blackpool caravan holiday 010.JPG
20 viewswhist we was looking round glossop caravans.
Blanking drawing.JPG
Pipinig lay out EGR214 views
blanking plates.JPG
blanking plates60 views
block paving.jpg
Crazy Paving67 viewsThe last place you would expect to find a nice bit of block paving. The 513m summit of Monkside on the DISCO3.CO.UK Kielder day 2009.
Buckingham Blue D3 Screen Saver197 views49 frame (8 base frame) animated 100x46 pixel image in size cut from the Discovery 3 Accessory Builder screen - modelled after my D3 - running on my phone!
bluetooth kit 001.jpg
bluetooth kit 002.jpg
bluetooth kit 003.jpg
bluetooth kit 004.jpg
bluetooth kit 005.jpg
bluetooth kit 007.jpg
bluetooth kit 028.jpg
bluetooth kit.JPG
bluetooth PTI kit 008.jpg
bluetooth PTI kit 009.jpg
bluetooth PTI kit 010.jpg
bluetooth PTI kit 015.jpg
bluetooth PTI kit 017.jpg
Bodykit front / Evoque 20" Wheels76 views
Bodykit DRL66 views
Bojay Attacking 2.jpg
Two Hooligans103 views
Boot light 028.jpg
LED light ON - looking out from boot78 views
Boot light 029.jpg
LED light OFF - looking out from boot66 views
Boot light 031.jpg
LED light ON - looking into boot83 views
Boot light 032.jpg
LED light OFF - looking into boot72 views
Boots On.jpg
Boots on ready for Rockingham77 views
Box Closed with 7 Blade NAS connectors449 viewsBox closed up and ready for use. The box and cable connectors are reasonably weather tight and hence can be submerged for a bit while doing a creek crossing but as with the 3, do not use the creek bed as a parking stall. Similarly, the connector recessed into the bumper will probably remain somewhat dry as long as you keep moving but if you get stopped, well that is another story.

As such, I put a vial of desiccant in the metal box prior to closing it up to reduce corrosion due to moisture build up.
Brake Kit Front.jpg
Brake Kit Front14 views
Brake Kit Rear.jpg
Brake Kit Rear14 views
Brakes Description and Operation1585 viewsThis is a 17 page pdf that describes the operation of the various braking systems: the ABS, CBC, DSC, EBD, ETC, EBA, EDC, and HDC. Also discussed is the yaw rate and lateral acceleration sensor as well as the steering angle sensor.
Brake Switch Visible thru Opening4262 viewsThe blue and white bit is the switch; the sort of gold appearing box,(it is really black), you will not see in your 3 as it is a Smooth Talker brand amplifier for my Blackberry phone antenna. This install is detailed in the SmoothTalker phone antenna section of my gallery.

One way to remove and install the switch is to lower the "horizontal" panel above the brake pedal as shown where the flashlight head is located. To actually remove the switch, you slide your hand thru the gap and rotate the switch clockwise 1/4 turn while watching thru the rectangular opening. Installation of the new switch is the reverse of above - 1/4 turn counterclockwise.

Before you remove the switch, note its orientation - horizontal with electrical wires to the left. That is the way it should look after replacement as well.

The second time I replaced the switch, I did it all thru the rectangular opening and did not remove the horizontal panel - that is experience helping out.

The knee kick you have to remove regardless. It is sort of hinged at the bottom so you just pull at the top and sort of rotate the knee panel and then pull upwards for two plastic "fingers" to clear the slots they reside in.
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Breaking news2 views
Breather line with factory cap cut off.1729 viewsIf you expand the jpg by clicking on it, in the bottom right corner if you look closely, one can see the black plastic factory vent tubing with the OEM cap cut off.

Note the tubing is cut at a 45 degree angle facing to the rear. Also shown in the top right is the cut off portion sitting on the coolant water hose and on the top left also sitting on the coolant hose, the new to be installed Gore manufactured replacement breather cap.
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bristol holls 150surunk.jpg
Nice looking piece of engineering 53 views
The Blue Beastie fully kitted out overlooking Manchester123 views
Buckingham Blue327 views
Buckingham Blue384 views
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EGR Blanking202 viewsBlanking plates cut from stainless steel plate.
Trip kit3 views
skiing in Niigata in 2008113 views
Niigita - skiing tour119 views
CALENDAR 2008 ENTRY623 viewsWillochra creek near the disused Warrakimbo outstation
South Australia
Camera pictures 29 008.jpg
D3 Side Step Repairs143 viewsThe old rivet ends which I removed from the trim. I took one rubber end off the trim and let them all out by shaking it to save them rattling around inside the trim for years to come.
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Camshaft Pin.JPG
Cam Shaft Locking Pin74 views
Camshaft Locking Tool30 views
car park.jpg
Kielder D3 Safari122 viewsMonkside 513m - Kielder, Northumberland. G4 Discovery 3
Cayman stillage.jpg
Grand Cayman96 viewsA 120tonnes Diesel Engine being skidded from road transport vehicle to final position in Grand Cayman,we were responsible from Stockport up to final job site,including al shipping and transportation.
Central Door Locking Operation Description1205 viewsThis 17 page pdf explains how the door locks are supposed to operate. Note that on page 9/17, the explanation of the operation of the hood ajar switch is wrong. It operates similar to the door and tailgate ajar switches; that is when a "door" is closed, the switch is closed to maintain a ground back to the CJB. Opening the hood, door, or tailgate removes the ground breaking the circuit and hence allows for an alarm condition.
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Cheviot small.jpg
The Cheviot from my Kitchen32 views
C2658 locking bar32 views
Sunset on Mazirah100 viewsOur camp site for the night - nothing but us, sand and green turtles. Fabulous view out over the Arabian Gulf, blue skies, blue seas and isolation. Almost paradise.
LRs stick together128 viewsA date plantation alongside a wadi in the Western Hajar mountains of Oman. My mate\'s Disco 2 in company. Cracking drive on this day some 100km off-raod through wadis and mountain graded roads. Sheer, unadulterated pleasure.
The kit as supplied177 viewsContains carry bag, 2 protector mats, exhaust jack and 7m reinfoced woven hose with bayonet connector to bag (inc non-return valve) and rubber cone for exhaust fitting
The bag all the kit comes in158 viewsDM Exhaust jack carry bag
Rear end open326 viewsEccentric latch clamps for wheel carriers are very strong. No rattles on graded roads. Canvas seat covers from \'Escape\' in SA on rear jump seats can be seen, and Front Runner Wolfpack storage boxes - great for toolkit, winch and recovery straps etc.
Load space363 viewsShows the SA Front Runner Wolfpack stacking plastic storage boxes that I keep laod straps etc in and the 2nd is tool kit, spare belts, jerry can funnel and tools, plus airline and tyre inflator/deflaotr for ARB on-board compressor, HD jump leads. ARB Winch pack (Orange)with strops, snatch blocks, shackles, gloves, and 2 ARB recovery dampers. Really great 4x4 1st Aid kit from Outdoors warehouse in SA. LRs own loadspace guard - not the best design if you want to store a long load. Mods to be carried out!
Auxiliary power sockets - TracTronics, Australia380 viewsA complete kit including two outlets, wiring etc connected to auxiliary Optima Blue top battery using their very effective SC40 split charge relay. One outlet between rear and front seats, and 2nd alongside loadspace 12v outlet, enables fridge to run when engine is not running, without affecting start capacity or vehicle functions.
Outside bathroom50 viewsOver looking the Limpopo River with South Africa in the back ground
Fun for the kids too240 views
Comm kit bolt.JPG
Commercial Kit Bolt66 views
comm kit bracket.JPG
commercial kit bracket behind driver seat58 views
Commkit bracket 1.JPG
Commercial Kit bracket 260 views
Commkit bracket 2.JPG
Commercial Kit bracket 158 views
Comparison with X5122 viewsAfter the training - couldn´t resist parking next to the x5...
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Connector without blanking plug278 views
Kielder D3 Safari72 views
Kielder D3 Safari62 views
Cooling system hoses - 4.4L petrol V8910 viewsThese are the cooling system hoses on the 4.4L petrol V8. The little odd shaped bleeder hose, (LR006158), shown in the top right hand corner can give problems. There is a plastic tee with a threaded air bleeder outlet located in the middle of the hose. The plastic tee can or will fail due to I guess heat distress.

A BIC pen can serve as a field fix, however for your parts kit, a nominal 3/8" ID hose size brass hose barb inline connector plus a couple of hose clamps is suggested. Better yet is a threaded hose barb brass coupling or a tee and bleeder valve to allow bleeding of the line. Land Rover now makes the plastic bleeder valve that breaks available as a separate part, # LR027661, where 0 is a zero. As such, one can now purchase that part only for addition to your field fix parts kit.
Copy of davegettingwet.wmv
This is what happens when you go too deep in a Discovery!565 viewsMy friend Dave was driving Strata Florida, after heavy rain. The Disco 200tdi was kitted for wading, with snorkel etc, but this demonstrates what happens when you submerge the bonnet.
Copy of deathvalley(GolerWashMengel)-46.JPG
Mengel Pass151 viewsThe only Mantec skidplate in the US!
3 jerry's of water, cooking gear in crates in middle, clothes + food on top shelf126 views
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Looking back after a mile238 views
Calendar 2008 Entry513 viewsLooking back down Scotlands only \'greenlane\'
Backing out admting defeat306 views
Cover Off.png
Engine Cover Removed856 viewsView of the engine before blanking off the EGRs. The inset sort of shows one of the EGR valve/pipe flange securing bolts. The EGR valves are not easy to get at!
right cover markings81 views
Cow in Field (Custom).JPG
Cows531 viewsCALENDAR 2008 ENTRY

Taken during the navigation challenege at Rockingham 2007, when the crowd were lost in a farmers field!

By CY.
Disco 3 2007 14 views
crah11 (Large).jpg
Not much left of bonnet!275 viewsCrash in a Renault Scenic
Head on colition with a Nissan Terrano he lost control came over the central reservation & ended coming at us sideways!
We hit him in the back wheel arch & spun him around so he then hit my drivers side, I walked away having a air bag wife had broken solder coursed by the seat belt, but it did save her life!
Our car was trashed but it did its gob (was only 2 weeks old!) the bonnet tacking lots of energy out of the collision & the inertia staying relatively in tacked.
Create wiki 1.jpg
Wiki 15 views
Create wiki 2.jpg
Wiki 24 views
Create wiki 3.jpg
Wiki4 views
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940 kg load marking on inside of spoke302 viewsThis is a typical 940 kg load marking on a Cromodora wheel rated for the 3. In this case, the wheel is the 6 spoke 19" wheel common to the HSE, LR Part # ALY72191U.
Cromodora brand marking on inside of spoke.263 viewsThis is the Cromodora brand marking on the inside of the 6 spoke 19" wheels, Land Rover part number ALY72191U. Similar brand markings are cast onto the inside surface of the spokes on all Land Rover Cromodora wheels.
E-DOT and Japan wheel acceptance marking on ten spoke wheels.270 viewsThese are the E-DOT and Japanese wheel acceptance markings on the inside of one of the ten spokes of the 8J x 18" wheel, Land Rover part number ALY72190U or RRC500250xxx where xxx is the colour number, in this case, MNH for Sparkle Silver. There are similar markings on all Cromodora wheels for the 3.
Crossing the Pentecost River.jpg
D3 in the Kimberley - on the Gibb River Road, crossing the Pentecost River49 viewsNot too far in on the Western end of the Gibb River Road is the Pentecost River, with the ranges in the back ground - an iconic shot of the Gibb River Road.
Alloy Wheel Locking Nut Key252 views
Alloy Wheel Locking Nut Key250 views
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2004 disco, MN near Canadian border189 viewsmy mom out on hiking day with the disco I set up for her.
D3  Extra lamp by PARKING BRAKE.jpg
D3 (Small).jpg
Kielder pre Uncle Ray plate53 views
D3 1.jpg
D3 Camp out Kielder60 views
D3 at  wormhill 006shrunk.jpg
biskit first in49 views
D3 at  wormhill 030shrunk.jpg
who keeps parking that jap thing in the way?40 views
D3 at  wormhill 041shrunk.jpg
Biskit tunes it the trees45 views
D3 at  wormhill 056shrunk.jpg
not making progrees47 views
D3 at  wormhill 085shrunk.jpg
dicky still not making progress47 views
D3 at  wormhill 093shrunk.jpg
biskit 3 wheels50 views
D3 at  wormhill 094shrunk.jpg
Biskit first in again i fear there is a pattern forming52 views
D3 at  wormhill 111shrunk.jpg
at least you are not alone biskit60 views
D3 at Kielder Summit.jpg
Calendar 2011281 viewsKielder Forest in the snow
D3 King Sprung.JPG
King Spring Lifted D3 Coiler385 views
D3 MY08 Nov07 build_spare wheel well_1.JPG
95 viewsSpare wheel well looking towards front of car.
D3 rrs ipod kit.jpg
D3 stalking prey.jpg
D3 pack spot unsuspecting prey grazing peacefully on the plains82 views
d3 vs xc90.jpg
D3 vs. XC90 in NCAP test412 views Actually D3 has more green color for the passanger as XC90 (that got 5 star marking). So if you really love your wife, D3 is safer to her in case that you are driving and she is a passanger :=)
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A bare looking Disco 3 at Eastlands back in February 2006160 views
D3 Convoy through Wark Forest. Kielder D3 Day 200956 views
112 viewsD3matt's first go up that innocuous looking slope...
103 viewsD3matt's first go up that innocuous looking slope...(continued)
89 viewsD3matt's second go up that innocuous looking slope...
88 viewsD3matt's xxx go up that innocuous looking slope...!!!

is that Rob yawning?
Picture of Height sensor borrowed from D3Matt235 views
Collection of EPB instructions & PDF\'s of Brake Posts628 viewsAll you need to change your brake pads or Brake Disks as well as adjuusting the Electronic Parking Brake. Includes the bedding in process for EPB pads
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