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1 General Information, Identification Codes and Jacking and Lifting2 viewsPart 1 of Discovery 3/4 Workshop Manual - General Information, Identification Codes and Jacking and Lifting
Frame Jacking Points showing where holes are located.902 viewsThe four points marked with the arrows show where the holes in the underside of the frame are located such than one could insert a trolley jack pin type lifting adapter, (or as designed), the official LR scissors jack.
Thread upload8 viewsImage uploaded in thread 137711
Disco3 Jacking PDF101 views
Front Jacking59 views
392 viewsNot my prefered method of jacking. Way too unstable,
325 viewsJacking points on ARB winchbar.
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Jacking Points4 views
Trolley Jack Adapter695 viewsThis shows my 2.5 long ton, (2,540 kg, 5,600 pounds), trolley jack with the pin adapter that slots up into the round holes on the underside of the frame.

Use of the adapter when lifting by the left rear wheel ensures that I will not be jacking on the air compressor support; on the other three corners, it is much safer than merely jacking directly on the nearly flat narrow underside of the frame rail.
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