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185 viewsA closer look at the drainage channels.Feb 06, 2010
181 viewsAnother shot of the right slider. The center support channel has drainage channels welded in that match the locations of the drain holes on the sill frame.Feb 06, 2010
181 viewsGetting closer to the finished product. The steel tube in the middle reaches up to the body mounts on the frame.Feb 06, 2010
161 viewsUsing the plasma cutter to trim up slider platesFeb 06, 2010
190 viewsRight front showing rough fit of the sliderFeb 06, 2010
179 viewsRough fit showing the rear end with the support channel and slider plates.Feb 06, 2010
184 viewsSupport Channel bolted up to the door sillFeb 06, 2010
169 viewsFirst stab at the bottom plate welded to the support channel.Feb 06, 2010
156 viewsPattern for the right side slider. Almost ready to cut!Feb 06, 2010
Picture 1.png
198 viewsJun 25, 2007
Photo 6.jpg
150 viewsAnother day at o\'briensMay 10, 2007
LR3 2m 009.jpg
456 viewsCompleted install of control panel.May 01, 2007
LR3 2m 010.jpg
386 viewsCompleted Install of Control Panel. Wiring goes up into headliner, over curtain airbag on left hand side, and down the B pillar.May 01, 2007
LR3 2m 001.jpg
345 viewsAntenna MountMay 01, 2007
LR3 2m 002.jpg
319 viewsAntenna mount.May 01, 2007
LR3 2m 003.jpg
329 viewsHere is the antenna mount on the roof rack. The black aluminum bar is custom made to hold the antenna mount.May 01, 2007
LR3 2m 004.jpg
361 viewsHere is the left rear trim panel removed. GTR proved useful in the removal process! The cubby box snaps on to the top of the panel.May 01, 2007
LR3 2m 005.jpg
411 viewsHere is the left rear cubby box with the TM-D700A bolted inside. I also drilled a hole in the bottom of the cubby for antenna, GPS, and power wiring, and a hole in the front for control, microphone, data, and audio cabling.May 01, 2007
Picture 080.jpg
351 viewsCompleted install, again with aluminum bar and 3M velcro.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 081.jpg
300 viewsCompleted install. I used a bar of aluminum bar with 3M industrial velcro to hold the controllers.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 075.jpg
329 viewsInstallation slowly proceeding. You can see the controller cables inserted into the notch I made with a dremel.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 076.jpg
255 viewsAlmost completed install. Just the controllers need mounting.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 077.jpg
246 viewsAlmost done. All the trim is in, but the controllers are not yet mounted.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 078.jpg
292 viewsThe rats nest of cabling that needs to be tamed.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 079.jpg
255 viewsCompleted install with both receivers working.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 070.jpg
278 viewsClose up of the cavity for the Nav screen. Here you can see the XM Satellite receiver antenna cable snaking across. It\'s the thin wire not bundled to anything. In the lower corner you can also see the power cable going to the glove box.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 071.jpg
275 viewsA mess of cables. You can see the HD Radio antenna adapter coming out into the slot for the IHU. You can also see, if you look very closely, the original diversity antenna connector plugged into another adapter to go down to the HD radio unit.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 072.jpg
246 viewsThe two installed modules with preliminary wiring for testing.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 073.jpg
256 viewsSystem testing. Nothing caught fire, which is a success in my book! Just know that the rover gets very angry when all of those control panels are disconnected.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 074.jpg
254 viewsThe console mostly re-assembled. You can see the dremel notch I made for the control cables, as well as the slack in the power and audio cables.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 065.jpg
260 viewsPicture of the center console minus IHU and Climate Control. Turns out there is very little room behind there, which is really a pain in the ass.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 066.jpg
244 viewsProceeding with console removal.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 067.jpg
249 viewsProceeding with the console removal.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 068.jpg
286 viewsPicture of the floor console removed. The wiring moving along from the bottom of the picture forward is power from the rear power socket, and audio from the aux port.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 069.jpg
277 viewsHere is the center console with the support pulled away. You can see the wiring for the HD and XM radios working their way through the console and over to the lower glove box. Apr 28, 2007
Picture 060.jpg
210 viewsThe start. Yes, the cupholders are dirty... get over it!Apr 28, 2007
Picture 061.jpg
213 viewsThe start. I plan to place all the electronics into the lower glove box.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 062.jpg
218 viewsAnother shot of the floor console.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 063.jpg
216 viewsThe inner workings of the floor console. You can see the inline fuse holder on the left, which then connects to the chill box connector.Apr 28, 2007
Picture 064.jpg
231 viewsConsole Trim Removed, as well as the top of the floor console.Apr 28, 2007
149 viewsMe out at GoldstoneApr 25, 2007
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