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Last additions - 2007 LR3
280 viewsJun 19, 2008
290 viewsJun 19, 2008
286 viewsJun 19, 2008
lifted with shortened "arms"285 viewsJun 19, 2008
top of the hill329 viewsApr 03, 2008
sill up to my knees during extended mode.352 viewsApr 03, 2008
solo steep gravel stop = park brake plus reverse on shifter330 viewsso our disco II\'s locked all 4 wheels with brake but now the modern lr3 slides away with only the park brake!!!! 1. put auto shifter in reverse (low gear) with foot on brake, 2. apply park brake, 3. get out and snap photo incase something fails and it slides away ;)

I reversed up the hill from this position, system decided to engage extended heigh mode for some reason trying to gain traction on loose surface.
Apr 03, 2008
Pacific Northwest220 viewsfollow the leader into the cloudsApr 03, 2008
finally with more appropriate 18" BFG AT ko tires544 viewsNov 06, 2007
Rasta underbody protection plates444 viewsNov 06, 2007
ARB bar and bfg tires424 viewsNov 06, 2007
inside Flying Circus English Cars, LTD\'s in good hands266 viewsSep 21, 2007
relocation of stuff to allow gigantic battery installation. The hood/bonnet barely closes wihout trouble.378 viewsSep 21, 2007
we put the fuses in the rear panel as well as the air tank gauge, air switch, and battery switch.410 viewsSep 21, 2007
Tires holding up but wasn\'t planning to use these on trails anyway477 viewsSep 21, 2007
Reach Dam trail-on the way out415 viewsSep 21, 2007
Badlands-SD, bike/tire carrier is kind of cool actually.428 viewsSep 21, 2007
Reach Dam-front right325 viewsSep 21, 2007
Reach Dam-left side341 viewsSep 21, 2007
Reach Dam354 viewsSep 21, 2007
Reach Dam trail-WA299 viewsSep 21, 2007
odyssey 2150 going in place466 viewsJun 25, 2007
2nd battery fitting475 viewsJun 19, 2007
rear hatch light and door release switch389 viewswe\'ll ad a switch "guard" to protect from accidental gear shift popping button. light is slider 3 way so unlikely to be turned on by accident but will be nice down light when hatch is opened out.Jun 19, 2007
a few items being built in behind cover panel.435 viewsred inverter will have fluch mount plugs, air outloet will be flush, guage with window in lower pop-panel and switches and fuses for all rear items behind popout panel.

12v sockets being added as well, high and low.
Jun 19, 2007
wiring progress421 viewslots torn out that somehow goes back togetherJun 19, 2007
old and new. the old 96 disco in background, gave my mom the 2004 disco290 viewsMay 24, 2007
lr3-kaymar-closed with 20"402 viewsthe kaymar carrier, designed to allow two tires, sets them both a bit outboard, thus blocking the lamp. that\'s when I realized why they put the fully functional lamps in the bumper (functions: running, brakes, signals, hazard)
I plan to re-weld the locating section more towards the middle of the rear similar to Disco II orrientation.
May 24, 2007
lr3-kaymar-open with 20"403 viewsMay 24, 2007
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