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How old is Blackbox Solutions Ltd
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How old is Blackbox Solutions Ltd

Hiyas all

It's been many years since I made my very first post on this Forum.
My user name actually includes the SPY aspect, as like many, I used to read a lot of posts before I joined up, that kinda made me feel like a SPY.

Many older members might recall my first posts along with my efforts to introduce the first ever diagnostic equipment available to D3 owners.

Initially our offerings only provided Fault code reading and clearing but we quickly added other capabilities, not least of all was CCF Editing, that I recall Wiggs using to enable 4x4 info.
check this out from 10 years ago

I recall that before then, there was a general belief that it was impossible to change a Disco 3's factory built specification that, with Wigg's help in finding me a donar wiring loom, I totally de bunked by up speccing my own super low spec D3 to have every possible extra.

However, at that point in time the Discovery 3, was just yet another a new / latest model for us, as we had already developed and had long since been supplying diagnostic equipment for earlier Land Rover models like the Discovery 2 and even the Discovery 1.

Many here may well not be aware of just how long Blackbox Solutions Ltd had already been developing and supplying Diagnostic equipment for Land Rover vehicles and these days, although it would be nice, we don't really expect many to remeber and appreciate that we lead and others follow.

TBH I was not keeping a count either, I was just getting on with developing newer, later and more up to date developments, like our ass kicking Rovacom-IQ app and VCIQ hardware, that I know is the best there is by far, even if not posting news about this on this forum until recently.

But last week, I was made aware of an aspect that took me back a little and I believe is worthy of mention.

It seems that last week, Blackbox Solutions Ltd actually passed its 20th Anniversary.

To celebrate this 20 years of being in business event, we have made a 20% discount available for 20 Days on our latest VCIQ product,

But I write this post not so much to promote that, but more to humbly thank all those that have invested in us and so purchased our equipment over this past 20 Years and so contributed to our continuing developments.

Warmest regards and huge thanks to all.
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Happy anniversary!


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