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Odd heater/blower event
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Odd heater/blower event

This is a really odd one, and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced it.

Excuse the detailed painting of the situation as it appears to be relevant.

I've been working in the office more recently so am commuting in my 65plate D4 HSE Lux more than I've ever done.
The weather has recently obviously got a lot colder, and at the same time there was some roadworks between our home and the motorway which required me to take a slightly different route.

The result is that @ 3miles from home I enter a roundabout above the A3M from the West, and take the 3rd turn off to go South.

I've been warming the car up with the Altox in the mornings, so it's basically up to temp before I get to the roundabout, then on the move I have the temp set both sides to @ 24deg, with 2 or 3 'bars' on the blower speed.

Every single morning as I get to the point where I'm on the roundabout heading south I get a momentary puff of cold air come through the vents then it goes back to warm.

I've not managed to replicate the event on any other roundabout or bend.
Plus when I do the same journey in the evening to go to the gym I don't get the puff of cold air despite having the temp and blower controls set the same. The outside temp has always been higher than the colder mornings though.

Any Idears?
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