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enchanted air con compressor(dealerfeedback)
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enchanted air con compressor(dealerfeedback)

the air con has been lckung in gusto recently and a few hot days(36+) it seemed evident the air con needed a bit tlc. I checked pump was running and when holding pipes in engine bay (to see how.chilly they were) I noticed the cap onthe low pressure side fill valve was loose so i took it iff and the fill pippet valve was bubbling greeny oily stuff. I guess its neen slowly leaking.away hencethe gradual decline in air.con perfomance down to almost no cool at all.

So popped to main dealer this morning to ask them to add gas.(back street places do this cheap but they dont add oil so I dont use then)
explained the leaking valve and they said they still have to check this and that, which is understandable but kinda 120 quid to check pressure I winged a bit that they could add gas for less than the inspection to decide whether to add gas or not. They agreed to try..I watched a movie on my phone and climbed over the new defender while waiting.
they then came back and said adding gas did not fix it and in fact I needed compressor at a bargain price of 1500 pounds mmm

I called a friend who also repairs land rovers(kinda far from my home this dealer is 15mins away) he offered to do it for 700 pounds LR parts or 400 non LR after no consideration time I said I did not want to go ahead and paid 60 quid for work soon as I started engine..freezung cold air..and on way home temp settled on auto at 20 no problem(outside is day) so..I cant believe the dealer would try to con me out of 1500quid so the only explanation is I must have an enchanted self fixing compressor
..magic is real.
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Hate to burst your bubble, but its not magic

Just dealers are idiots Laughing
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